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The Zorbfloater is the upgraded version of the Zorbtrotter created when infused by a Nanofiber Sync. While mostly unchanged, they trade off the ability to create vacuum spheres for increased resistance to enemy fire and rapid health regeneration.

What makes the Zorbfloater truly amazing, though, is that their upgraded wind manipulation apparatus are strong enough to lift most, if not all, vehicles into the air and draw it towards them!

Official description

When the Zorbtrotter completes his training and is awarded with the Nanofiber Sync, he gains an ability to use a handful of nanites within his wind orb for a faster health regeneration. Maintaining this sphere while moving is a somewhat challenging task, thus Zorbfloaters on their own are not as fast as their base form.

At the cost of an increased time between the shots, the Zorbfloater can throw his air bubbles at greater ranges. Additionally, upon the sync they gain the ability to lift lighter vehicles into the air, so that their allies' anti-aircraft weapons can target and fire at them. These vehicles will be brought close and dropped near a Zorbfloater, and if they hit other units or obstacles because of the fall, will perish in the process.'[1]


Zorbfloaters have the similar anti-infantry role after their Nanofiber Sync transformation. Their attacks remain highly effective against infantry in the game with good weapon range and splash damage, with the exception of Clairvoyants and Duplicants. Zorbfloaters move slower than Zorbtrotters, but they still benefit from the temporary speed boost with the support of a Spinblade. Zorbfloaters lose the talent to create a large surrounding vacuum sphere but gain the ability to rapidly regenerate themselves.

The Zorbfloater' s main attractive feature is its ability to manipulate vehicles to gain the upper hand in the battlefield. Zorbfloaters are able to lift many Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 ground vehicles and bring the lifted vehicle closer to them. When the vehicle is lifted, it is vulnerable to anti-air weapons. If Zorbfloaters are given the order to disengage while lifting, the vehicle will be dropped, and even possibly, destroyed while over water, cliffs, buildings or another vehicle. On uncommon occasions, the lifted vehicle could be dropped, crushing the infantry underneath it.

Zorbfloater's lift ability has its limits however. They cannot lift naval units, amphibious transports, and special ground units. They also cannot lift units when inside an open-topped transport.

Known ground units that cannot be lifted: MCVs, Roadrunner, Epic units, Orcinus Waveshaper, Deployed units: (Sweeper, SODAR, Hazequad, Grumble, Fury Drone), Mobile Grinder.


  • Very effective against infantry except drone infantry.
  • Vacuum spheres deal damage to infantry groups in a small target area.
  • Long attack range.
  • Amphibious.
  • Quite durable.
  • Heals rapidly, making it difficult to be killed.
  • Speed can be boosted by Spinblades.
  • Can lift most vehicles and draws them near, leaving them to vulnerable anti-air attacks.
  • Can lift and drop vehicle above water or buildings, destroying it in the process.
  • Resistant to tornado.
  • Requires Nanofiber Sync to upgrade.
  • Cannot target aircraft and structures.
  • Cannot lift ships, amphibious transports, epic units.
  • Mediocre speed without Spinblade boost.
  • Vulnerable to anti-infantry fire.
  • Vulnerable against Dogs and Spooks.
  • May cause friendly fire.

Behind the scenes

  • The Zorbfloater's ingame appearance is based on the Rocketeer.

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