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The Zephyrobot is a drone beacon deployed through the namesake support power from the Robot Ops Control Center, which allows Pacific Front Zephyrs to bombard enemies from locations far beyond their normal attack range as long as the beacon remains on the field for 40 seconds, allowing a Zephyr to fire at most 6 times. However, taking direct hits from Zephyrs' long-range attack damages the Zephyrobot and reduces its durability.

AI behavior

Since version 3.3.4, Zephyrobot is unused by AI.


Act One

  • In Death From Above, the enemy will continuously set Zephyrobots to player's base and let all Zephyrs attack it. In addition, Zephyr's damage to buildings is increased in this mission. It is worth noting that these Zephyrobots are deployed by trigger, since the AI will not attack normal Zephyrobots.

Act Two

  • The Zephyrobot is first usable in the campaign in Stormbringer.

Behind the scenes

  • Zbeciconold
    In 3.0 the Zephyrobot was known as the Zephyr Beacon but it functioned exactly the same.
  • During development for 3.3, the Zephyrobot was supposed to be merged with the old 3.0 Cryofield that slows down enemy units and become free of any cost but was never implemented.