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Yuri's Statues are statues of Yuri used by the Epsilon Army as an uncommonly-seen defensive structure.


The Yuri's Statue is a fearsome defense; its dissolver beams are strong versus both infantry and vehicles and can reach as far as the Antares Battery.

Yuri's Statues are never buildable and only appear in two skirmish maps: the Purgatory Challenge where they are part of the enemy's defences, and in Yuri Is Not Easy where they are present as neutral defensive structures. Unlike other neutral defences that only become active when captured by an Engineer, an uncaptured Yuri's Statue will fire on any player-controlled units in its range (unless the neutral side doesn't have enough power to operate it), making it more difficult to capture them.


There are 3 of Yuri's Busts nearby. They're weapons. Repair them to bring them back online.
—Epsilon intel during Operation: Lizard Brain

Act Two

Yuri's Statues appear in the following missions as part of Epsilon forces:

  • The Yuri's Statues in Obsidian Sands are much more powerful than normal, capable of firing on both ground and air targets from a longer range.
  • 3 abandoned Yuri's Statues appear in the first phase of Reality Check, but does not serve any combat functions.

Behind the scenes

The artwork for the head of the Yuri's Statue is a public asset and can be used by other modders. The link can be found here.