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Yuri is the enigmatic and cunning leader of PsiCorps, and later his own military forces, the Epsilon Army.

Apart from being the mastermind behind the success of the development behind psychic technology, Yuri himself also demonstrated the ability to erase memories[1] and possibly foresight to the future[1], though the latter trait is unreliable at times[2]. Later on, he has also advanced his own psychic powers to even take control of cyborgs through psychokinesis alone, a feat that no psychic has achieved before.


Aside from the fact that Yuri is a remnant of Stalin's psychic legacy, Yuri's past prior to the Third World War remains a mystery. What is known however, is that he is responsible for the further development of psychic technology, even before Romanov waged war on the Allies. This led to the creation of PsiCorps Troopers, men able to bend the minds of their enemies. These troopers would soon become pivotal for many of PsiCorps' endeavors to weaken the Allies during the Third World War. Later on, Yuri invented and deployed Psychic Beacons and Psychic Amplifiers, insidious devices that enslave entire populations to serve the Soviets.

Pre-Third World War

Several years prior to the Third World War, when Russia was still occupied by the Allied Nations, Yuri began operations to undermine the occupation by commanding his psychic troops to smuggle additional hardware aboard the first Russian TV satellite launched into space by the occupiers. This operation is successful, straining relations between the Russian people and the Allied occupiers that forced the Allies to eventually pull out from Russia.

As the Allies withdraw from East Ukraine, Yuri's PsiCorps Troopers are sighted during Boris and Morales' covert operation to retrieve the bodies of the cyborgs Volkov and Chitzkoi. However, the PsiCorps Troopers were not there to help Boris and Morales, but ultimately they were able to make it back safely with Volkov and Chitzkoi.

Third World War

As the Allies are not aware of the existence of psychic technology during the Russian invasion of the United States, they are initially unable to explain the sudden destruction of their Peacekeeper silos and the defection of their own citizens to join the Red Army, which Yuri exploits to the fullest.

At the same time, Yuri continues his plan to betray the Soviets by poisoning the hero Boris just before the invasion of New York City. Thanks to his mind control technology and alliance with Rashidi and the Scorpion Cell, his plans often remain untraceable, enabling him to procure technology and weaponry throughout the war without arousing suspicion.

However, as the Third World War progresses, the Premier grows weary and suspicious of the PsiCorps' failures and hidden agendas. He is finally forced to flee along with the rest of PsiCorps after their failure of securing the last Topol-M platforms carrying deadly MIDAS warheads.

Now independent, Yuri sets out to cause havoc within the Korean border and later acquire Soviet rocket tech for his own to complete his final preparations for his grand scheme. Though his army's secrecy is breached after the latter event, this no longer matters in the eyes of Yuri, as he declares to his minions the founding of the Epsilon Army.

Mental Omega War

After 2 years of hiding (all the while taking over Antarctica and even the Moon to construct a base of operations), Yuri declares open war on the Soviets, who were victorious during the Third World War. In a swift stroke, his forces are able to conquer the very heart of Russia and the Soviet States of America, killing Romanov in the process. The Epsilon Era has finally begun.

Realizing that the Allies are still a major threat to the Epsilon Army, Yuri devises a plan to breach through the London Fortress and destroy them once and for all. However, he does not anticipate the deployment of the Allies' new superweapon, the Paradox Engine, that is capable of stopping time itself. As a result, Yuri is forced to bring forth his own ace card to the fray, in the form of Libra. Another side effect of the device's deployment is the sudden betrayal of Rashidi and the Scorpion Cell, much to Yuri's dismay. He is forced to eliminate them to put an end to this internal conflict.

As the Allied forces close in deeper towards the Epsilon Headquarters stationed in Antarctica, Yuri evacuated to Moscow to divert the Soviets' attention to the happenings in Antarctica through the captured old Chronosphere while finishing his "incomplete hybrid technology" beforehand. He manages to return to Russia just as the Soviets initiate their massive three-pronged offensive to liberate their motherland from the traitor's clutches.

Prior to the Moscow offensive, Yuri eventually revealed one of his greatest trump cards against the Soviets that would eventually turn their greatest soldier against them. While his former employers expected him to raise an army of cyborgs due to their encounter with a heavily modified cybernetic supersoldier built from the remains of a fallen Soviet hero years ago, the Soviets to their horror learned that Yuri was only using the nigh-unstoppable Space Commando to practice psychokinesis as a counter against the Soviets' growing reliance on cybernetics. Yuri himself demonstrated this before the Soviet General's eyes after the mass orbital bombardment of outer Moscow, where Volkov himself was captured by the Epsilon's leader himself before he was taken back to the Kremlin. With Russia's national hero under his control and plenty of weaponry waiting for the Soviet offensive, Yuri retreated to the Kremlin and prepared for his final stand.


Act Two

After Alexander Romanov is killed, Yuri will arrive on the grounds of the Kremlin via Driller, establishes a Psychic Beacon to bring the Russian capital under his control, then enters the Kremlin and invites the Proselyte into his new office.

Yuri will speak to and threaten the player when the Allied push goes deeper.

  • See: Insomnia

  • At the beginning of the mission, Yuri enters the old Chronosphere on the Epsilon base with four Technicians to escape to Moscow and divert the Soviets' attention away from Antarctica.

  • See: Unthinkable

  • After completing the first phase, Yuri directly addresses Libra on her true purpose in a cutscene.

    • Notably, in this cutscene, a derelict Time Machine will briefly appear, where Yuri remarks that he was "afraid of repeating mistakes while he made some of his own".
    • The same Time Machine can be seen as an easter egg in the first phase of Hamartia, where even the Allied commandos do not recognize it (although Siegfried does note it bears some vague resemblance to Allied technologies). Thus, the connection between Yuri and the Time Machine remains unclear.
  • See: Reality Check

  • Yuri approaches a disabled Volkov (due to the orbital nuclear strikes affecting his cybernetic body parts) and successfully manipulates him before taking himself and the cyborg into a Mandjet Transport.

  • See: Fatal Impact

  • Yuri, along with the brainwashed Volkov along with a large detachment of Epsilon troops will appear briefly at the start of the mission before fortifying themselves in the Kremlin building. Killing him is the objective of this mission - once the Kremlin itself is destroyed, Yuri will evacuate via underground means and show up at several randomized points on the map and thus must be intercepted before he makes his escape. Assassinating him is the only method of destroying the Hands of Ereshkigals permanently. Since they will be impervious to all sources of damage as long as he lives, the player must work fast to achieve this objective as quickly as possible as the hands can and will eventually destroy the Stalingrad and Ural task forces before focusing on the player themselves.

  • See: Death's Hand

  • Challenges

    • Yuri rarely appears in the Purgatory Challenge. He is a threat to the challengers as he is able to mind-control an unlimited number of units and buildings permanently. Similar to Libra, he has a permanent defense boost.


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