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Why am I not in the Centurion?
—Yunru complaining about her having to walk on foot

Yunru (Chinese: 云茹, Yún Rú[1] is the heroine of China, and later on, the leader and Architect[2] of the Foehn Revolt.

Official description

It is an odd sight to see: a young scientist amidst the chaos of battle instead of within the isolation of labs. What many don't expect is that she has proven to be a very real threat to any armor battalion or military encampment. This woman, named Yunru, highly intelligent from an early age, has developed several high-tech weapons under the military's influence, allowing China's army to go toe-to-toe with the Allied forces and even match Epsilon's insidious research later on.

Yunru's most well-known invention is the 'Earth Breaker'. A one-of-a-kind massive drill, which, when driven into the ground, can reduce surrounding structures to rubble within seconds. Due to the sheer weight of the weapon, Yunru has built herself a mobile exo-suit so that she could wield the drill with ease. The exo-suit is equipped with a rather curious wrist device as well: when a vehicle is targeted with the device, the vehicle's onboard computers would become flooded with useless, cluttered data, much like a DDOS attack. Victims of the device then become a vulnerable target to the Chinese forces as their movement and firing systems are overwhelmed from the sheer overflow of data.

Though serving in her country's military since her youth, Yunru is its scientist, not soldier. Rumours have it she has initially heavily opposed using her technologies for war, but the military has been threatening her family in order to keep her working. Living under the extreme pressure from the army, and with little external contact, created a stressful and often traumatizing environment, not beneficial for a young scientist's psyche. Eventually, in order to step into the outside world, she has insisted to conduct field tests of one of her newest weapons personally. Since the unexpectedly devastating first field test of the Earth Breaker in a remote village, her superiors have been reporting she would occasionally display abrupt mood swings, or erratic, even self-harming behaviors. While she no longer shows opposition to working on new weapons, it has become difficult to tell what really drives her forward.[3]


Knowledge is power.
—Yunru's mantra

Yunru deploying her Earth Breaker

Yunru is one of the more unique heroines of Mental Omega, as she is the only unit of the particular class that is more oriented towards support instead of straight-out assaults. Representing the pinnacle of China's mastery of electromagnetic weaponry, her primary weapon (the EMP Immobilizer) allows her to disable vehicles and certain infantry units such as cyborgs and some of the Foehn Revolt's troops from great ranges. The EMP Immobilizer affects its targets over a fairly wide area, so it will shut down anything vulnerable to EMPs within a large radius. Do keep in mind that the weapon has no effect on organic infantry units, structures, and base defenses.

This Chinese heroine is also particularly helpful when it comes to sustaining a defense line. Units such as large groups of heavy tanks and artillery units are easy targets for her EMP Immobilizer, which in return will make them defenseless against other Chinese units. This tactic can also be used offensively against hovering vehicles such as Kappa Tanks and Magnetrons, as they will sink to a watery grave if disabled over water. If loaded in a Centurion Siege Crawler, China's epic unit gains the special bonus of disabling any mechanical quarry that may stray into range and at the same time, protect Yunru from anti-personnel fire.

Her special ability, the Earth Breaker, is one of the most powerful anti-structure weapons in the game as the damage dealt is on par with the offensive superweapons. However, the fact she has to get into a hostile base in order to cause maximum damage against critical enemy infrastructures limits her usefulness in this regard. Since she is rather fragile and does not have an immunity to Attack Dogs and Spooks, the Chinese general in command of Yunru should expect her life expectancy to be short if he/she intends to use her to directly assault an enemy base from within. It can also be used against vehicles, especially if she is surrounded by main battle tanks and the enemy is foolish enough to not bring any anti-infantry units to the fight.

She is (somehow) immune to radiation, so pairing her up with some Eradicators will provide her with much-appreciated defense against enemy infantry if she will not be fighting from within the safety of a Centurion. Like other hero units, she cannot be mind-controlled, abducted, and fooled by the Foehn Revolt's specialized confusion weaponry.

How can this be?!
—Yunru taking fire

Because Yunru is a specialized hero unit, she has some glaring drawbacks compared to the other heroes. For starters, she can't actually defend herself alone, as her EMP Immobilizer cannot actually deal any real damage unless her targets are hovering vehicles traversing across water. While her Earth Breaker can, it is relatively impractical in an actual fight considering its fairly short radius of effect. Both her weapons can cause potential friendly fire, as any Chinese forces caught within the range of her EMP Immobilizer will also be disabled and the Earth Breaker will indiscriminately deal damage to anything around it, except for Yunru herself. Health-wise, she is the most frail of the Soviet hero units so she cannot expect to last long under direct attack. As she dons a specialized exoskeleton suit to carry her arsenal properly, PsiCorps' magnetic weapons can (in a twist of irony) immobilize her. She also has no defense against aircraft and is an easy picking for any air unit that is suited for attacking infantry. Though her EMP Immobilizer has formidable range that is comparable to that of an artillery unit, long-ranged anti-infantry units such as Snipers and Viruses can eliminate her without fear of retaliation.

AI behavior

Yunru controlled by the AI have the following attack patterns:


  • 1x targeting everything, accompanied by 2 Tesla Troopers


  • 1x loaded inside a Centurion Siege Crawler then proceed to target structures; accompanied by 2 Eradicators
    • Occasionally the AI will use Invulnerability and Irradiation Gamma on this strike force
    • If available, Rage and Shadow Ring will also be applied
    • This task force may be accompanied by 1 Dragonfly

The AI is not programmed to use Yunru's deploy ability.


You should lure enemy vehicles to me so that my EMP can stop them.
—Yunru during Operation: Ego Ergo Hax


Act One

Act Two

Yunru in Thread of Dread, found briefly in her home in Kashmir that is now militarised before departing within the Centurion

Yunru will appear at the top left corner of the map with her parents. When the player spots her, she'll leave the map through a Stallion Transport. Both she and her parents are invulnerable to damage.

Yunru briefly appears at the start of the mission with her Centurion Siege Crawler in the Foehn's (which still uses Chinese equipment) Kashmir Home base; the Soviet General is tasked with killing her and destroying the Centurion. While the Soviets believed that Yunru had perished in the detonation of the MIDAS warhead that obliterates the Kashmir Home along with the Confederation, Chinese and Epsilon forces at the end of the mission,[4] she and the Centurion actually had managed to escape long before it happens (see Thread of Dread trivia).

  • See: Thread of Dread

  • Continuing from Thread of Dread, Yunru appears in this mission alongside the Centurion Siege Crawler as she tries to evade the Epsilon forces pursuing her. Although the Centurion is eventually destroyed, Yunru manages to escape yet again from Libra, who is sent to intercept her at the end of the mission, after using her Immobilizer on Libra that causes her Cerebral Amplifier/Suppressor to go haywire, resulting in her becoming berserk.

  • See: Machinehead

  • Origins

    In the Origins campaign, Yunru must survive in all missions where she appears, due to the fact that she is the Architect of the Foehn Revolt.

    Yunru must reach a safe zone on the Mangla Dam Lake while escorted by the Foehn Revolt under VOLKNET's command. Once she reaches the lake, she'll have to wait for 2 minutes until a Jackal Racer arrives to pick her up, while being protected from a focused Chinese onslaught.

    After the area around the Ironwing is secured, the Jackal carrying Yunru from Nobody Home will arrive at the player's original base, and she must board the Ironwing.

  • See: Kill the Messenger

  • Once the Sentry Guns and Battle Bunkers on the initial beachhead are cleared, Yunru will paradrop from the Ironwing and must be brought into the Adapted Tech Center. She'll leave the Headquarters and return to the Ironwing after the particle collision technology is retrieved. She cannot use her Earth Breaker in this mission due to the region being seismically active.

  • See: Tainted Empire

  • At the beginning of the mission, Yunru and Rashidi, who had escaped from Africa, enters a Nanocentrifuge in the main Foehn base.

  • See: The Great Beyond

  • After the Revolt eliminated the Epsilon forces, Yunru will come through Ironwing into the core area of the base and talk to Tanya after the Allies teleport the Paradox Engine Wreckage through the Old Chronosphere, hope the Allied survivors join the Revolt.

  • See: Vanishing Point

  • Yunru will enter the Paradox Engine Wreckage with a large number of scientists and engineers after the general mobilization at the beginning of the mission, and start to inspect and repair it. She will command releasing the overloaded time freeze and witness the Foehn MCV deployment in the epilogue after the mission.

  • See: The Remnant

  • Special Ops

    • In Time Capsule, through VOLKNET's simulation system, Yunru shared with other Revolt Council members her experience in the Bamiyan region of Afghanistan, where she was caught in an underground facility in PsiCorps, but was rescued by General Xiurong Wu's Feng Squad. She was unable to use weapons in the underground facility, but learned a lot of Epsilon's secrets. Yunru regained access to the weapon after escaping the underground facility and returning to the nearest Chinese outpost to enter the Helibunker, and broke through the hostile defenses to the evacuation point among the Scorpion Cell and Russian engagements.


    • Can disable a group of vehicles from a long range using EMP.
    • When loaded inside the Centurion, it becomes an extremely dangerous weapon.
    • Some amphibious vehicles like Kappa Tank and Magnetron can be sunk using her EMP weapon when they are over water.
    • Immune to radiation and rad cannons.
    • Earth Breaker is extremely effective against structures and powerful against vehicles.
    • Cannot be crushed by normal vehicles.
    • Can detect cloaked and submerged units.
    • Can self-heal.
    • Being a hero, cannot be mind-controlled and abducted, as well as immune to confusion rays.
    • Only one may be present at a time.
    • EMP Immobilizer cannot target aircraft and most infantry.
    • EMP Immobilizer cannot deal damage to units.
    • Fairly fragile.
    • Vulnerable to Dogs and Spooks.
    • Vulnerable to magnetic weapons.
    • Can only deploy Earth Breaker at close range.
    • Earth Breaker is not very effective against infantry.
    • Earth Breaker may cause friendly fire.


    • Her family name is "Yún", means the cloud. Her given name "", has the same pronunciation as another similar Chinese character '', and '' means 'like something'. So her name means "cloud-like" in Chinese Mandarin. See also: Chinese Etymology Site.
    • Yunru is the only Soviet heroine that is not available in the Infantry Only game mode.
    • According to Mevitar, Yunru's design is inspired by Yin from Darker than Black. Interestingly, she's featured in Speeder's avatar in Oct 2012.[5]

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