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General Xiurong Wu (Chinese: 武秀荣, Wǔ Xiù Róng)[1] is a Chinese military field commander that opposes the Soviet General during the Chinese invasion of Russia and later the task of defending Shanghai.


Not much information is known about Xiurong Wu but he is likely a senior commander, as he is tasked with the invasion of Primorsky Krai, where he fights against the Soviet General.

Xiurong Wu appeared as the commander responsible for defending the Shanghai Military Headquarters in the subsequent Mental Omega War. He saw through the disguise of the Soviet invaders[2], but was eventually defeated, and has been taken for interrogation[3].


In Dragonstorm


  • So this is where you're hiding, General? My men will crush you! (taunting at the beginning of Dragonstorm)
  • Like a swarm of locusts, they descend from the sky to devour all those who stand against China! (continued taunting at the beginning of Dragonstorm)
  • Heh heh, feeling overwhelmed, General? They make good shields, too! (after the Pacific Front base is revealed)
  • A backdoor attack will not help you, General! (when the player's forces approach the Chinese base from the back)
  • I do not accept this defeat, General. My men will cover my escape, and we will fight another day! *laughs* (when Dragonstorm is completed)

When certain objects are destroyed

  • Without a War Factory, you have to fight me man-to-man, General! *laughs* (when the player loses all War Factories)
  • There are many more in my army ready to sacrifice for China, General. You won't stop us. (when the player's forces destroys 45 enemy units)
  • *maniacal laugh* (when the Foxtrot squadron successfully destroys the Russian Palace)
  • Soon all your men will see our boots marching over them! (when several units owned by the player are destroyed)
  • Here's a tip: Surrender! (when few buildings owned by the player are destroyed)
  • Do you feel the end drawing near, General? *laughs* (when all production buildings owned by the player are destroyed)

When the player builds a certain structure

  • My men will tear your tanks apart as fast as you can make them! (when the player builds an Industrial Plant)
  • I thought nuclear missile were not allowed. This is hardly fair, General. (when the player has constructed a Tactical Nuke Silo)


  • My men are marching right through your base defenses! (when Chinese forces approach the Russian base)
  • We are coming for you, General!
  • Ever been hacked? *laughs* (when enemy espionage unit successfully infiltrates the player's building)
  • Are your resources getting low, General? (if the player's funds are lower than 1000)

In Power Hunger


  • You have caught me off-guard, General. But now I'm ready for you. (after deploying an MCV)
  • Your current advantage will soon be lost! (shortly before the Chinese reinforcements arrive)
  • I have enough men to hold a parade. Can we have it in your base? *laugh* (when the Chinese reinforcements arrive)
  • Men...? Where are my men?! You wouldn't consider letting me go would you? (when Power Hunger is complete)


  • *grinning*
  • Don't worry General, we don't take prisoners.
  • What tactic will you amaze me with now, General?
  • This can't be the best you can do,General!
  • Are you still here General? Are you just going to sit down and wait to be overrun?
  • You have cost me many buildings. My men are coming to collect the repayment.


  • His taunts are actually the cut voice files of "Anvil" Shin Fai, the Infantry General in Generals Zero Hour. The voicelines used in Mental Omega are lower pitched compared to the original voice files.


  1. Dragonstorm text in the Chinese version: 警告 - 武秀荣将军在城市里部署了一些自爆卡车。
  2. Power Hunger mission text: "It appears Xiurong Wu is here. He might have seen through our charade."
  3. Power Hunger battlefield report: "With the Military HQ captured and Xiurong Wu interrogated, we were able to reveal the secrets of the Chinese"