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Using intel gathered from Sakhalin Island, the Allies have discovered the location of several Soviet ICBM launchers holding the entire world at gunpoint. The European Alliance scrambles to destroy the launchers before they can be used against them.
—Mission description

Operation: Wrong Side is the eighth Allied Act One campaign mission.


The last raid was more stunning of a success than we could have dared hope. Even now, spirits are rallying across North America. The intel from the facility indicated where the Soviet Topol-M ICBM platforms are, and even better, they're all in one place! There are only six units, and they are all stationed in the Russian Gelendzhik region. The beaches nearby offer a tantalizing possibility - it will be risky, but it's the only choice we have at the moment. The Atlantic Fleet is on hand, and with most Soviet naval assets committed to the war in America, there won't be much to help repel the plan.

What must occur is an amphibious assault on the platforms.. quick, clean, and decisive. With luck, we'll be in and out before any resistance can be brought to bear. While the plan so far seems like it will work, the Alliance has taken no chances since this mission is the difference between victory and defeat, for all of us. Thus, the Pacific Front agreed to grant their Kanegawa Industries' jamming equipment to us and the Euro Alliance prepared a strike force to deploy. Time is of the essence here - the moment you land, with their comms cut, they will resort to a backup plan and probably start fuelling the ICBMs for immediate launch. If they launch, it's Armageddon, and a Red's final victory. Fortunately, sleeper agents are around, and if you can secure a radar facility, they will do their work and reveal the exact locations of the launchers. Remember, we have only one shot at this, but if it works, it will change the course of the war. Welcome to Europe, Commander!

Objective 1: Capture Soviet Radar Dish to locate ICBMs.
Objective 2: Destroy all Soviet Topol-M platforms.


Capturing the Radar Dish

Working with an inital team of Navy SEALS, the Commander made his way to the shoreline, destroying any submarines and killing any patrols that were in their way. After the beach was secured, a Voyager Transport arrived on the battlefield. The Commander ordered it to make its way to the shore and drop off its reinforcements, including the brand new Siege Cadres which were excellent at destroying enemy structures. With new units to reinforce the SEAL team, he ordered the task force to move out.

Fighting his way through Soviet territory, the Commander, and his troops, finally made their way to the Radar Dish. After clearing the enemy forces in the area, the double agent Engineer revealed himself and captured the building, completing the first objective.

Destroying the Topol-M platforms

A Topol-M located in southeastern part

Now that the Radar Dish was under their control, Allied intel used the data recovered from it to locate the Topol-M platforms. During this time, the Commander ordered in several reinforcements via an air drop due to Allied double agents disabling the power to the anti-air guns for a while. Eventually, the power came back online and he was unable to call in any more forces.

A few minutes later, a failed missile launch was detected by Allied intel. The Allies had to destroy the platforms before the real payload could be launched at cities across the globe. Making their way across the battlefield, the Commander ordered his units to target and destroy the launchers they came across. For each launcher that was destroyed throughout the mission, the Europeans sent more reinforcements into the area.

After destroying several, the launch of the platforms had fast forwarded from a few hours to a mere half hour, causing the Commander to rush to the next few launchers before they could fire the payload at another city. The fight was brutal, many Europeans lost their lives in the raid as a result of heavy Soviet defenses. Eventually, the Commander was able to destroy all 6 ICBM platforms, completing the second and final objective of the mission. His forces were soon evacuated from the area before the Russians sent reinforcements to investigate.


Two platforms were not carrying warheads, and the launched one was a misfire. Still, this is the first heavy blow we've dealt to the Soviets. The Euro Alliance has rallied to us, providing us with crucial intel about a secret project they've been working on..
—Battlefield Report

With the destruction of ICBM platforms, the Euro Alliance have thrown in their full support to the Americans, supply them with aid, assist their forces, and provide crucial information on the Paradox Project; a secret project being developed by the Europeans in order to bring the fight back to the Soviet Union.

As a consequence of these actions, the Soviets have dropped their slow pace, gave up their methodical absorption of countries, and commenced a massive and brutal blitzkrieg into Eastern Europe. Once Chinese reinforcements arrived to assist the Russians, the bad news began to pile up for the Allies.

Soon enough, they reached and partially captured a vital communications array in the Jizera Mountains, located in Czechoslovakia. With the threat of losing their communications to the Pacific Front, Allied Command ordered the Commander to head to the array and drive the Soviet forces out of the region.

Difficulty changes


  • Countdown to MIDAS launch: 45 minutes
  • There is an level upgrade crate, a firepower crate and 6 healing crates on the map.
  • All 6 Typhoon Attack Subs during the initial phase will be removed.
  • Some enemy defenders will be removed from the map.
  • Most enemy defenses on the map will be removed.
  • 4 EMP Mines on the map are removed, along with the corresponding hint.
  • Removed an elite Tesla Cruiser and 4 elite Conscripts that parachuted to the air base location to attack the player's forces when approaching the Topol-M below the air base.
  • Removed all enemy patrols that were added to the expanded phase 2 map zone.
  • The enemy will not attempt to evacuate the Topol-M at the top left of the map when player's troops are approaching it.


  • Countdown to MIDAS launch: 45 minutes
  • Some enemy defenses will be removed from the map.
  • Compared with Mental difficulty, there are more armor, firepower and healing crates on the map at the beginning.


  • Countdown to MIDAS launch: 40 minutes
  • When the player travels to certain areas, the enemy will paradrop infantry squads nearby to attack the player.
  • There will be a total of 8 Desolators on the map in a deployed state.
  • When the player approaches some dangerous areas, corresponding area will not be revealed, and the player will not receive corresponding warning.

Easter egg

  • If the player moves a unit towards the top left of the map, where the MIDAS test explosion occurred, they will be rewarded with an Engineer and 2 money crates.
    • A video explanation can be found [here].
  • Just south of the bottom middle Topol M is 2 veteran Cavalier Tanks hidden behind some hedgehogs. If the player destroys the hedgehogs and send a unit to the tanks, they'll be reactivated and join their forces (Note: This easter egg can only be completed when the map has expanded).
    • A video showing this and the following easter egg can be found at [these] time [codes].
  • Just south of the shore that the Seals and Voyager land on, there's a tent and a torch pole next to it. If the player sends a unit to the tent, they'll be rewarded with additional Guardian GI's for extra firepower (Note: This easter egg can only be completed when the map has expanded). The following message will also be played:
Additional Guardian G.I.s have joined the team


  • The mission's briefing mentions the MIDAS amount is 6, and the composition of the Topol-M launchers in this mission is: 4 of them carry the MIDAS (but 1 is encountering launch failure during the mission), and the rest of 2 are empty.