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The marvel of the Paradox Engine is unquestionable, as the device allows the Allies to push further deep into the Epsilon's Antarctic stronghold. After countless battles and many sacrifices, the target - Yuri's Tower - is now almost within their grasp. And yet, Yuri himself is nowhere to be seen.
—Mission description

Operation: Withershins is the eleventh Allied Act Two campaign mission.


Commander, fate continues to play tricks on us, but the mystery of Yuri's attack on London has finally been revealed - to Siegfried's shock, it turns out Yuri managed to recover an old Chronosphere from Black Forest, one SteinsTech had used as a foundation for its successor, and one they believed to have been destroyed in the MIDAS strike. Luckily, our continued attack on Epsilon HQ allowed Siegfried to reclaim the device. Its capabilities don't compare to those of the Paradox Engine, but it's reassuring Yuri can no longer use it against us. These devices were created to fight the Soviets - Yuri is an enemy far greater.

We are now surrounding Yuri's Tower. Its signal interference is causing difficulties in exchange of information between our regiments sent to different positions on the continent, and we've lost contact with Norio's task force and the Chrono Legion that followed him. We must not overestimate our odds - despite our best attempts to study them, even in our forward outposts established hastily as we fight our way into his stronghold, Yuri's most advanced psychic technologies are well beyond our comprehension. Combined with our, or Soviet weapons he has captured, it is a force to be reckoned with even with the Time Freeze at our disposal. Nevertheless, if we are to win our freedom back, his diabolical mind control inventions must all be eliminated, or there will be no fight to retake our lands tomorrow. Lead the attack beside the European Southern Cross and the Pacific Boomerang regiments, use everything we've got, and destroy Yuri's Tower before it is activated. Be careful - the Tower's defense grid seems to consist of devices we have not seen before - our Mercury is ineffective. Once they are all down and our forces close in from all sides, you should be able to do so in a single strike within the frozen time.


Secure the beachhead

Three Allied strike forces, each placed under direct control of the Allied Commander, conduct near simultaneous assaults on three key strategic positions surrounding Yuri's tower.

American forces launch a chronosphere and air assault on a strategic high ground plateau to the north-west. The European 'Southern Cross' regiment assaults a canyon entrance to the north-east, making extensive use of a new division of Lionheart bombers to soften the Epsilon defences. Finally the Pacific Front 'Boomerang' regiment attacks and secures the south-western front.

All three strike forces secure their zones rapidly with minimal casualties. They quickly commence construction of forward bases in their zones while Allied forces conduct reconnaissance on Yuri's tower and his base. Establishing strong defensive positions for the battle ahead.

The long road ahead

Our targets is Yuri's own monument to madness - the Mental Omega Device.
—Allied EVA to Commander

The Mental Omega Device lay before the Allied forces. But before the assault on it can commence proper, the Allies must bring the Paradox Engine to the frontline. In spite of the Allied's efforts, Yuri's Dybbuk Hive network continues to represent a major threat to the Paradox Engine, a series of four such hives located around the exterior of Yuri's base were identified by the Allies as being capable of launching long range Dybbuk-Interceptors that could threaten the Engine.

Furthermore, Allied reconnaissance identified a new form of mobile cannon unit, dubbed the Ganzir Defender, acting as elite guards for the Mental Omega Device.

The European forces deployed a major air offensive strike against the Mental Omega Device, intended to ascertain the strength of Yuri's air defence system and potentially see if an airstrike is capable of destroying the device. The air forces were able to survive long enough to launch strikes on the Device, but some unknown forcefield prevented any attack from damaging the device. Thus the plan was clear, the Allies must bring the Paradox Engine forward in order to destroy the Mental Omega Device. Meaning the first priority for the Allied forces was to attempt to destroy the four Dbbyuk Hives before the arrival of the Paradox Engine.

Holding the line

Best of luck, Commander. This could be the last stand for all of us.
—Allied EVA to Commander

Epsilon forces scrambled a massive counter-attack against the Allied positions, bringing forward large groups of air and ground forces while also launching rear-line paradrops to attempt to outflank the Allied forces. The Commander took command of the American position on the north-western plateau and began making preparations to fortify his position while preparing to launch counterattacks on the Dybbuk Hives nearest their position.

Allied command began chronoshifting in reinforcements to the Commanders position, included were Paladin Tanks, Blizzard Tanks and the last remaining Chrono Prisions, with the remaining having been destroyed by an unknown enemy supersoldier. Despite the pressure, the Commander maintained as strong defensive position while attacking and disrupting the nearby Epsilon defensive positions, including destroying several Dybbuak Hives.

In response to the Allied threat, Epsilon forces began to activate Nuclear Silos and Psychic Dominators, employing these weapons en mass against the combined Allied forces.

The Paradox Engine arrives

A large contingent of Southern Cross forces opened a new front to the north, clearing the path for the arrival of the Paradox Engine, flanked by its contingent of Thor Gunship escorts. Realising the threat to the Engine, its crew made preparations to activate a hyper-jammer to deter the Dybbuak-Interceptor threat.

Epsilon, seizing a chance to destroy the Engine while it was vulnerable, launched an overwhelming air assault on its position, deploying Dybbuak-Interceptors from their remaining Hives, and Invaders towards it. Against all odds the Allied forces were successfully able to escort the Paradox Engine to the American base. Activating its hyper-jammer, it was now safe from Dybbuak-Interceptor attacks while it remained inside the American base.

The Paradox Engine was transferred to the Allied Commanders control.

Targeting the shield sources

The Allied forces ascertained that the unknown energy barrier protecting the Mental Omega was somehow being maintained by devices known as Mental Dynamos, for the final assault to commence these devices had to be destroyed. These devices were also providing shielding for the Ganzir Defenders. Due to the Paradox Engine being unable to recharge its limited battery, it could not afford to waste its time freeze without strong cause. Ergo the Allied Commander was directed to locate and destroy all the Mental Dynamos to allow the assault on the Mental Omega to commence.

With the arrival of rear echelon Southern Cross forces, who hastily began setting up a new base by the recently secured northern front, where the Paradox Engine had arrived, the Allies commenced a massive assault on the Epsilon's headquarters.

With the combined might of the Paradox Engine, the commander led a major offensive against the exterior Epislon positions, slowly eliminating the remaining Dybbuak Hives and destroying the Mental Dynamos. A direct assault on the actual core of the Epsilon base, where the Mental Omega was located, was impossible due to its density of defences and presence of shielded forces, thus the Allied forces concentrated on the exterior areas of the base. After half of the Dynamos had been destroyed, the shields protecting outer Ganzir's failed, thus allowing the Allies to eliminate some of these defenders and push deeper into Epsilon's headquarters.

After a long, gruelling battle, the Allies succeeded in destroying all the Mental Dynamos. Preparations were made to commence the final assault on the Mental Omega, however to the Allies horror they discovered that the shield protecting the device was still present. It was clear at least one more Dynamo was located underneath the Mental Omega itself.


It's not over yet. Deep inside this underground construction, Yuri is hiding the last Mental Dynamo and the Dybbuks that protect his Tower. This deception will cost us time and lives, but we have no choice. We must stall, until our best agents can take them out.
—Battlefield report

During a new wave of Time Freeze, Tanya and Siegfried quickly moved themselves into the underground, while the ground forces are preparing their encircling

The Allies had no choice but to prepare to sent Agent Tanya and Siegfried to infiltrate the caverns beneath the Mental Omega to locate and destroy the final Mental Dynamo, as well as any remaining Dybbuaks hidden underground. Out of options, the Paradox Engine activated its Time Freeze to allow the Allied forces the chance to clear the entrance to the underground and prevent any surface Epsilon forces the opportunity to chase them.

With the time freeze active, the Paradox Engine withdrew to the Allied base to land and recharge its batteries. In the meantime the Allies repositioned their MCV's and ground forces into more advantageous positions surrounding the Mental Omega Device, in preparation to assist the Paradox Engine during the final assault.

The Lionheart Bomber division began a mass bombing of Epsilon's position while Allied forces covered Tanya and Siegfried's approach to the underground entrance. However, none of them had any idea that Yuri's precious Creation had already killed Norio and eradicated his entire taskforce, and it was not going to be long until the rest of the Allies would feel her wrath...

Difficulty changes



  • Starting credits: 110000
  • Epsilon's attack intensity is in medium state in this difficulty.
  • Attack intensity of Southern Cross and Bommerang ally are lower than Casual difficulty.
  • 2 Chrono Prisons will be given in total.
  • Large amount of Aerial Fortress Irkallas will be sent to attack player's base.
  • Epsilon will use early 2 Nuke Silos against ally's War Factories.
  • 2 more Nuke Silo will be built at bottom right air base during the mission.
  • Countdown of Domination that aims at the Paradox Engine: 15:00


  • Starting credits: 80000
  • No Backwarp provided in early phase.
  • Epsilon's attack intensity is the heaviest in this difficulty.
  • Attack intensity of Southern Cross and Bommerang ally are the weakiest.
  • Amount of elite vehicle reinforcement decreased.
  • 2 Chrono Prisons will be given in total.
  • Large amount of Aerial Fortress Irkallas will be sent to attack player's base.
  • Epsilon will use early 2 Nuke Silos against player's War Factories.
  • 3 more Nuke Silo will be built at bottom right air base during the mission.
  • Countdown of Domination that aims at the Paradox Engine: 10:00. A warning will be given.
  • Destroying 5 Mental Dynamos is required to shut down outer Ganzir Defenders' kinetic shield.

Easter eggs

  • Capture a small Radio Tower right from your base, to be able to capture the rest and get a money crate.
  • Capture other 4 Radio Towers on the map without picking the money crate can get an extra Chronoshift slot.


  • The mission's name means "opposing the sun's direction".
  • For this mission the player plays as the United States with a special Allied Construction Yard that can build all three of Mercury Uplink, Shield Command and Robot Ops Control Center as well as all buildings that require these structures. This gives the player access to nearly the entire Allied arsenal with the exceptions of the Euro Alliance and Pacific Front's unique jets and tier 1 vehicles (which occupy the same 'slots' as the Stryker IFV, Bulldog Tank and Stormchild). The absence of the jets is curious as the player would normally have access to them from owning a Shield Command and Robot Ops Control Center.