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The Wings of Coronia rely on air manipulation and flying weapons.
—Wings of Coronia loading screen

The Wings of Coronia emphasize aerial supremacy, so much so that their air force overshadows even the Allies' own air force in terms of firepower. Pteranodons effortlessly glide across the skies and make short work of enemy armor with their pressurizer batteries, while Alanqas can clear the skies of enemy aircraft that get too close to them. Quetzals also gain an extra ability to improve their survivability, especially in contested hot zones. All these make for a highly mobile, reactionary strike force that can quickly reinforce broken defensive lines or assist in assaulting key positions wherever they are needed.

Even the Wings of Coronia's ground forces incorporate some means of 'air power' (both figuratively and literally) into their arsenal. Zorbtrotters can easily asphyxiate enemy infantry, while the upgraded Zorbfloaters are able to lift enemy tanks and leave them vulnerable to anti-aircraft attacks. Meanwhile, Draco Tanks have turrets that transform into aerial attack drones when the tank's hull is destroyed, while Tarchia Cannons are hovering, mobile artillery platforms that can rain plasma projectiles from a safe distance.

Coronian commanders also have other means of reinforcing their allies in the heat of battle. Specially upgraded Barracks on the battlefield can quickly deploy troops from Coronia itself to bolster offensive and defensive positions. Once they construct a Harbinger Tower, they are able to summon the formidable Harbinger gunship to deliver death from above against any enemy force or installation that may be in the way.

For a Coronian commander to make full use of his arsenal, however, he or she must have a sufficient resource pool in order to construct and maintain a sizable attack force. All Coronian units, especially those at T3, are costly, and while they possess great firepower, they are still relatively fragile and must be used with care to prevent needless losses. Moreover, despite their superior command of wind manipulation technologies, not all their units are immune to their own weaponry; Alanqa Skystations can still inflict friendly fire casualties whenever they create their tornados, while Harbingers can take out an entire Coronian attack force with one or two hits of its particle collider cannons.