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The Weather Crystals are smaller prototype of Weather Controller invented by the European Alliance and also used by the Pacific Front.



  • In Rainmaker, two proselytes are ordered to destroy European Weather Crystals so that the development of the Weather Controller can be delayed. The Weather Crystals are harmless in this co-op mission. According to PsiCorps intel, the Weather Crystals are already able to form clouds.


  • In Regenbogen Challenge, when the green effect is selected, the Weather Crystals will be activated and start generating mini-lightning storms rapidly at ground and air units and create a shroud similar to the Gap Generator unless its corresponding base is powered down. They are invulnerable until their corresponding Pacific Front base is destroyed.


Behind the scenes

The older artwork of this building by MadHQ is a public asset and can be used by other modders. The link can be found here (called Weather Tower).