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In the pre-3.3.5 versions, Warpnode is known as Coordnode, which is an European Alliance defense structure that supports nearby defenses by increasing their firepower.

Official description

The Coordnode is a structure unique to the Euro Alliance's defense lines, which has been designed to synchronize all the defenses nearby and make it easier for their systems to exchange information regarding the enemy location. With a Coordnode present, all defensive structures around it will receive a firepower bonus.[1]


As a kind of structure that can enhance the firepower of nearby defense structures, Coordnode can undoubtedly improve the defense capability of the Euro Alliance base. It has a small size, low cost and low power consumption. However, the limitations of the construction prerequisite make it only appear in later battles.

The scope of Coordnode's impact is not particularly large, so when European commanders is building Coordnode, it is best to build it in a position that can affects as many buildings as possible to maximize its effectiveness.


Act Two

  • The Coordnode debuts as a buildable structure in Hysteria.

Behind the scenes

  • The Coordnode replaces the Comet Fence in 3.3.
  • During development for 3.3, the Coordnode had a simpler design (most likely a placeholder) but otherwise had the same function.[2]


  • One Coordnode is capable of boosting a maximum of 88 1x1 defenses.

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