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The Warpnode is the Allied Nations' advanced defense structure, acts as a Chronolift extender and can also use negation field to defend itself.

Official description

Warpnode is a derivative product of the Experimental Warpshop, being designed along with the Chronolift support. When a Warpnode appears somewhere on the battlefield, players can move the building they want next to it through the Chronolift. However, due to the unstable and risky nature of the process, only up to three Warpnodes can be operated at the same time.

In addition, based on the recommendations from the scientists associated with the Pacific Front, the Allies also added a self-defense measure on the Warpnode. When the enemy approaches a Warpnode, it will erupt a large negation field from its chrono vortex, reversing all damage caused by the opponent.[1]


The Warpnode acts as an auxiliary defense that expands the Chronolift's affective range. Therefore, building Warpnodes on the edge of the base helps some defensive structures to be moved farther away from the base.

In addition, the Warpnode can also fire a suppression field for self-defense, reversing the firepower of the attacking enemy units. Building Warpnodes on the perimeter of base will increase the frequency of the weapon's use.

AI behavior

Depending on the difficulty, the AI will only build a certain amount of Warpnodes. Easy AI will build a maximum of 1 Warpnode, while Medium and Hard AI will build a maximum of 2.

As the AI does not use Chronolift, the Warpnode only serves as purely for defense in AI bases.


Warpnode is our new defense system that can extend the range of the Chronolift. It can also use its very own suppression bomb to negate our enemies' firepower.
—Allied intel during Operation: Insomnia

Act Two

  • The Warpnode is introduced as buildable defense in Insomnia.
  • Warpnodes appear in the second part Reality Check that are used to quickly deploy defenses around itself. They are initially protected by a Force Shield, and if destroyed, will drop a crate that grants Libra a temporary negation field around herself.


  • Inversed firepower ignores original attack modifiers. For example, a single shot from Navy SEAL deals 10 (50*10%) damage to a Heavy armored vehicle, but restores 25 hit points (50*0.5) instead of 2.5 after firepower inversion.