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The War Rig is a multi-functional mobile structure used by the Epsilon Army.

Official description

At first glance, this building is not much different from Epsilon's regular Ore Refinery, but the fact is that the War Rig, known as "the Epsilon's Swiss Army Knife", serves more than just providing an ore unloading point. It can provide repair services for the surrounding vehicles, just like the Soviet Repair Crane. The building's top is equipped with an Amnesia Ray, same as the Ruiner's, to deprive the attack capability of enemy soldiers who approach it. Moreover, the same active energy emitters as those in the Synthesis Vault are contained inside the Rig, to reinforce any nearby Tank Bunkers.

On top of all that, numerous drills from the War Rig will be launched towards enemy positions and emerge from underground to cause heavy damage when the enemy vehicles are passing by. The drills are also relatively effective against structures, meaning the Rig can be used for direct assault as a last resort.

Probably the most terrifying detail of this construction is, that the War Rig with all its utilities can still be packed into a vehicle state, so that it can be deployed in different ore zones to provide unloading services there. War Rig in its mobile form has the ability to move underground and can smash anything in its way with the drills that are visibly mounted on its front in this mode, rather than hidden underground.[1]


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AI behavior

The AI has the ability to build War Rigs straight from the War Factory.

War Rigs in mobile form controlled by the AI have the following attack patterns:


  • 1x targeting production structures
  • 1x deploying near friendly base

The AI is not programmed to relocate deployed War Rigs.


The War Rig will support your units in the field with its unit repair systems, a disruptor ray, and a set of powerful drills that allow it to travel underground and damage enemy objects.
—Epsilon intel during Operation: Obsidian Sands

Act Two

  • First War Rig is usable in Obsidian Sands, though it is not buildable in this mission. Similar reinforcement are given in Unthinkable too.
  • War Rig becomes buildable in Babel.
  • In Withershins, Hamartia and Babel, the War Rig is unable to use its subterranean ability, as the ground is too tough to dig through.