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The Wallbuster is a Chinese support power available from the Atomheart. It is a ballistic missile designed by Yunru herself, utilizing seismic technology based from her Earth Breaker device (and Hammer Defenses to some extent). Launched from the Atomheart towards a target location, the missile generates a powerful earthquake upon impact, causing walls to instantly crumble and defenses to be severely damaged or outright destroyed.

However, the Wallbuster missile deals little to no damage against anything else, rendering it almost useless against infantry, vehicles and base structures.

One-hit targets

The Wallbuster will destroy the following defenses at full health in one hit. Defenses marked by an asterisk (*) will remain intact once they are upgraded, while the Risen Inferno Tower, denoted by two asterisks (**), can gain experience but has a limited lifespan, so while it technically can gain an upgrade to remain intact after being hit by a Wallbuster, such case is highly unlikely.

At the edge

At the impact point

Wallbuster is surprisingly ineffective against EMP Mines, Genomines and M.A.D. Mines.

AI behavior

The AI will use Wallbuster similar to how they use superweapons, so they will target the following structures, assuming they are not cloaked. These are ordered according to priority:

If all these does not exist, it will target airfields, base defenses, then finally units.


The Wallbuster is an excellent tool for breaking through the enemy defense lines.
—Foehn intel during Operation: Kill the Messenger

Act Two

  • The Wallbuster debuts in Power Hunger, which is used by the Chinese enemies.
  • In Fatal Impact, using Wallbuster to break enemy defenses and large amount of Tech Concrete Fortresses is emphasized by intel. In this mission, Wallbuster will deal more damage at Tech Concrete Fortresses.



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