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Need a shocking therapy, I see?
—Volkov about to give his enemies some "treatment"

Volkov (Russian: Волков, Volkov) is one of the two heroes of Russia alongside Chitzkoi.

Official description

Volkov is the all too familiar Soviet cybernetic commando, resurrected to serve once again as Russia's greatest hero. He has been equipped with an experimental tesla rifle that can arc between multiple foes - a weapon so dangerous, no mortal human has been able to use it without incinerating himself. However, Volkov is not a mere human. As a cyborg, he is immune to radiation and toxins, but is susceptible to EMP blasts and magnetic weapons. While already powerful, the use of the Overcharge support weapon will increase the effectiveness of his weapon even further.

Before his full conversion into a cyborg, Volkov was one of the greatest soldiers of the Soviet Union, frequently called upon to carry out top secret assignments that could not be entrusted to anyone else. Volkov's reactivation has not been without controversy and disapproval of the certain Soviet higher-ups, since during the Second Great War Volkov was destroyed after he went berserk after a failed attempt by the Allies to gain his control codes, proving he can be turned against his creators. However, the engineers tasked with restoring Volkov's recovered body have assured that he will be made completely tamper-proof and his control codes will be encrypted with improved technology and secured in an undisclosed location.[1]


Just like the old days.

If there was a hero unit that combined the best of durability, firepower, and versatility, then Volkov is it. This Russian cyborg is a force to be reckoned with for all ground-based opposition, as he can decimate entire squads of infantry, annihilate detachments of vehicles, and level bases easily with his Tesla-based arsenal in seconds. His formidable range can also help him out range most base defenses, provided the Russian general controlling him can micromanage this super soldier effectively. Usage of the Overcharge support power on Volkov will also boost his firepower tenfold temporarily, allowing him to vaporize all but the toughest opponents in a few short bursts.

His Chain Lightning Tesla Cannon also comes with a small EMP effect to any target it hits (with the exception of units that have an immunity to them), allowing him to temporarily shut down most vehicles and certain infantry units for about a second or so. This ability also gives him the tactic of destroying hovering vehicles instantly (such as Kappa Tanks and Magnetrons) as they will sink if their systems are shut down while traveling over bodies of water.

While his impressive firepower already makes Volkov an incredible hero unit, it is his durability that establishes him as a true one-man army in every essence - he can withstand incredible punishment and stand his ground against even the most impossible odds. Being a cyborg, he is immune to the teeth and claws of Attack Dogs and Spooks. Volkov also cannot be devoured by Terror Drones, instead they have to resort to using short range attacks on him. As he is a hero unit and primarily composed of machinery, he also benefits from a variety of immunities as he cannot be affected by poison, radiation, mind-control, abduction, and confusion rays.

I'm indestructible!
—Volkov under fire

Volkov may appear to be immortal at first glance and rumors-wise (as pointed out in his official lore) but he is not invulnerable at heart. EMP and magnetic weaponry will disable him, rendering him a sitting duck for opposing forces. Though he is immune to poison, he can still be damaged by units that use toxic weaponry, such as Viruses and Stingers. Air units can also take potshots at him without fear, as he has no means to fire back against airborne forces. Although he is far more resistant to small-arms fire than a standard organic infantry unit, anti-infantry firepower is a great threat to him and he can still be overwhelmed if he allows himself to be surrounded by forces that specialize in anti-personnel roles. Large numbers of anti-personnel infantry, such as Navy SEALs, Pyros, Duneriders, and Huntresses can also eliminate him quickly. Therefore, it is always good for Volkov to be accompanied by Chitzkoi and other fellow escorts to be prepared for such responses from the enemy.

AI behavior

Volkov controlled by the AI have the following attack patterns:

All difficulties

  • 1x targeting everything, accompanied by 2 Shock Troopers
    • This task force may be accompanied by Chitzkoi


Volkov's powerful tesla cannon can immobilize and destroy any ground targets. His companion Chitzkoi will rip troops and tanks apart with his teeth and claws.
—Soviet intel during Operation: Recharger

In the campaign, Volkov is always accompanied by his loyal companion Chitzkoi.

Act One

Volkov and Chitzkoi are tasked with destroying all Allied forces in Paris. Once he reaches the Eiffel Tower, Volkov will energise it, turning it into a gigantic Tesla Coil until it's destroyed by a Mercury Strike, forcing him to complete the rest of the mission the conventional way. He must survive throughout the mission.

The two are tasked with escorting an unmanned Kirov Airship to the Psychic Beacon. Afterwards, Volkov must be loaded onto a Cargo Plane to evacuate the area.

  • See: The Lunatic

  • Volkov and Chitzkoi were captured by Chinese forces prior to the battle, and Yunru is about to study them. They will help the Russian forces repelling the Chinese invasion once they are released. They can be destroyed without compromising the mission.

  • See: Dragonstorm

  • Act Two

    Volkov and Chitzkoi arrive as reinforcements via air transport to assist in the defense of the Congress of Singapore during the later stages of the battle. They can be destroyed without compromising the mission.

    He appears along with the rest of heroes: Chitzkoi, Reznov and Krukov. He can be destroyed without compromising the mission.

  • See: Meltdown

  • Volkov lands on the moon with Chitzkoi to help destroy Epsilon lunar base. They can die without compromising the mission. If Volkov falls for the first time, the player can rebuild him from Barracks, which costs $5000.

  • See: Earthrise

  • Volkov, alongside Chitzkoi, are moon-dropped to the top left section of the map, and Volkov is required to survive throughout the mission. He is the only land unit that can reach and damage one of the seven Spatha Defense Systems that have to be destroyed, and in his way to it he comes across a Psionic Converter that dramatically increases his firepower and also disables the hidden Iron Curtain Device that was protecting some of the Spatha systems. At the end of the mission, after the Soviets nuke the entire map, Volkov ends up immobilized. Yuri, showing off his new ability to control cyborgs through psychokinesis, captures him before departing the battlefield in a Mandjet Transport.

  • See: Fatal Impact

  • Still controlled by Yuri, he appears in the beginning and fortifies himself in the Kremlin with Yuri and his elite guards. Once the player approaches the Kremlin itself, Yuri will release Volkov to fight the player's forces. Still affected by the Psionic Converter, he is extremely powerful and is completely invulnerable to all sources of damage (although he loses the EMP effect for his weapon). The only way to defeat him is to utilize Chitzkoi, who will be paradropped into the area and the player must ensure his former cybernetic canine companion survives and can close the distance to deliver the killing blow.

  • See: Death's Hand

  • Volkov's disabled and derelict body appears in a cemetery in a snowy area, with Chitzkoi guarding it from loyal Epsilon forces and mind-controlled Soviet soldiers.

    Special Ops

    • Though they do not appear in-person, Volkov and Chitzkoi are main objectives in Archetype. Boris and Morales were tasked to secure and evacuate their bodies from the abandoned Tech Center.
    • Volkov and Chitzkoi appear in Noise Severe to help escort prisoners to a Chinese base, where Yuri has set ambushes along their route. They can be destroyed without compromising the mission.


    • A few minutes after Thunder God begins, Volkov and Chitzkoi arrive to help the Russian forces destroy all Allied forces. They can be destroyed without compromising the mission.


    • Very durable and immune to poison and radiation, being a cyborg.
    • Effective against armored units, infantry and structures.
    • High rate of fire.
    • Tesla cannon applies a shock effect which temporarily stuns or disables units for a short duration.
    • Tesla cannon chains to multiple targets when attacking.
    • Tesla grenades can out range most base defenses.
    • Hovering amphibious vehicles can be sunk when they are over water using its weapon.
    • Immune to Dogs and Spooks.
    • Cannot be devoured by Terror Drones.
    • Cannot be crushed by any vehicles.
    • Can detect cloaked and submerged units.
    • Can self-heal.
    • Being a hero, has immunity to mind control, abduction, and confusion.
    • EMP also affects infantry, even if they are not cyborgs or robots.
    • Only one may be present at a time.
    • Helpless against aircraft and Wormqueens.
    • Vulnerable to EMP and magnetic weapons.
    • Despite his durability and cyborg-type armor, he is still vulnerable to concentrated fire from anti-infantry weapons.

    Behind the scenes

    • In 3.0 Volkov had a line when moving ("I cry back Stalin's times."); this was cut in 3.3 because it is often misheard by players and replaced with "Why do we wait?", which is previously used when he is selected. This voiceline remains in the game files.


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