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Yuri had seen through the Revolt's plans, further reducing its chances to escape what's seemingly inevitable. Stalling for time, in a last-ditch attempt the unlikely allies try to take control of his Alaskan base, counting on certain someone to make the right call before all is lost to Yuri.
—Mission description

Operation: Vanishing Point is the fifth Foehn Origins campaign mission.


It is clear Yuri has predicted the shuttle might be used against him, and does not want anyone escaping to the Moon, which is where the Chinese have found out his other ones have been moving to and from. Report from Rashidi confirms what We suspected from the intel acquired in Hokkaido: Yuri aims to activate a device in the Antarctic that will give him rule over everyone on the planet; the Psychic Beacons and Amplifiers all being part of this worldwide mind control network. It is thus no coincidence Our journey has led Us to Alaska, one of the places furthest away from the South Pole, as Point Hope was the last American stronghold that resisted the Soviet invasion until recently. They marked it as a base of low priority, very difficult to siege, but Yuri was determined to eliminate all forms of resistance. He too might have recognized it as one of the areas that would fall to his mind control last, and could not be allowed to stand.

The capabilities of the Allied flying fortress, referred to by Our K.I. allies as the Paradox Engine, have made Rashidi recognize his imminent defeat, but the release of a seemingly out-of-control psychic soldier We have faced in Kashmir has convinced him what he fights for does not align with Yuri's goals. Yuri seeks to dominate all, and destroy any opposition using powers We cannot yet fight or understand. We are not certain this time-freezing vessel is enough to stop him, and must account for the Allies' potential defeat; they are too far for Us to help them directly. Our chances to succeed would greatly increase if We could all cooperate, but they must know We are here, still fighting Yuri. The American survivors left at Point Hope have the means to help Us contact them, once freed from the Psychic Beacon. The Revolt's Council has given Us a green light to deploy the most advanced of Our forces to achieve that._


The sneak attack

An elite division consisting of the first operational Knightframes and Lancers were covertly inserted into the poorly-defended rear of the Epsilon base, where their main objective was to tear it down from the inside while the primary armored forces of the Revolt would attack from three directions with overwhelming might. The Epsilon were definitely not prepared for this, as the few infantry and vehicles that could immediately respond to them were either cut down by Integrated Heavy Machine Gun fire or shredded by Pressure Lances. This squad worked quickly and efficiently as they were able to destroy some key production facilities and support structures and met little resistance.

Suddenly, a massive wave of psychic energy was detected surging through the area - unknown to the Revolt, it was in fact the Mental Omega Device being successfully activated and with it, amplified the powers of every Psychic Beacon and Psychic Amplifier deployed throughout the globe. Neither VOLKNET or the attack force it was overseeing knew what was going on, and within moments contact with the squad was lost and the battle control was terminated.

It became clear that the Revolt fatally underestimated the Epsilon's potential, and that this battle and likely all their efforts up to this point, were a lost cause.

The reconnection

The Blitzkrieg


An unlikely alliance is formed: Yunru and the Revolt meets up with Tanya and what's left of the Americans

A while after the Revolt captured the Point Hope Fortress from the Epsilon Army, with the help of the local American forces, they obtained the possibility of contacting the remnants of the Allied Forces in the distant Antarctic and issued a distress signal. Unexpectedly, the Allies that received the distress signal actually reacted with the help of using an ultra-long-distance teleportation on their Paradox Engine Wreckage to the Point Hope, and the Allies from the Engine Wreckage led by Tanya started an unusual contact with the Revolt. What's more surprising is that General Carville, seems to have been hiding in this Point Hope fortress, has shown himself here and rejoined the Allies. Now, all the soldiers who have reached here need to quickly form an alliance to deal with a common threat that is extremely difficult to resist.

Difficulty changes




Easter eggs


Find and select 4 Wells hidden on the map can trigger a meteor shower and get 2 veterancy crates.