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The V3 Launcher is an artillery piece which is the predecessor of the Scud Launcher used since Third Great War. Despite being originally manufactured by Soviets, they only appeared as Allied units once for now, having been captured by them in the aftermath of the Second Great War.


Covert Ops

  • In Archetype, a small number of V3 Launchers are present among the enemy Allied forces. For some reason, they cannot fire their missiles at Boris and Morales, and are absolutely harmless as a result.


  • Unlike in the vanilla version, the V3 Launcher appearance is based on a real-life MAZ-543 Scud Transporter Erector Launcher which is similar to the one from Generals.
  • According to Speeder, the main author of Mental Omega, the V3 Launcher is a nod to the namesake unit in Red Alert 2, acting as interim variant between the V2 Rocket Launcher from the first Red Alert and the Scud Launcher.
  • Actually, the V3 Launcher is directly modified from the Scud Launcher and shares unit status, only using different model and name.
    • The V3 Launcher's model name is "V2" while the Scud Launcher's unit ID is "V3", which don't match their real identity.
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