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The V2 Launcher is an artillery piece which is the predecessor of the Scud Launcher used since Third Great War.


Act One

  • In Bleed Red, the AI ally has several V2 Launchers, but will be all destroyed by Stormchild prototypes when the base is handed to the player.
  • In Warranty Void, the ROC forces have some V2 Launchers.

Special Ops

  • In Archetype, a small number of V2 Launchers are present among the enemy Allied forces. For some reason, they cannot fire their missiles at Boris and Morales, and are absolutely harmless as a result.
  • In Dawnbreaker, there are several capturable depiloted V2 Launchers on the map.


  • The V2 Launcher appearance is based on a real-life MAZ-543 Scud Transporter Erector Launcher which is similar to the one from Generals.

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