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The Utopia Transport Pod is an Epsilon transport vehicle that only appears in the campaign.


The Utopia Transport Pod is one of the five vehicles that Rashidi works on during the period between the Third World War and the Mental Omega War, the others being the Opus Tank, Colossus, Tyrant and Basilisk. When Rashidi's weapon facility falls under attack by the European Alliance, the Proselyte has their prototypes escorted to safety.

The Utopia Transport Pod's purpose is transporting Libra Clones deep into the Epsilon Headquarters, as these vehicles are always found near groups of Bio Tanks that contains such clones. The briefing of Lizard Brain and the cutscene of Reality Check supports this, as it claims that the Utopia contains an important part of Yuri's research that would change the outcome of the Mental Omega War.


Act Two

  • In Lizard Brain, the Utopia Transport Pod that is unnamed yet, along with four other vehicle prototypes, must be escorted to safety from an attack of the European Alliance.
  • Utopia Transport Pods are seen in the heart of the Epsilon base in Insomnia, three areas that store Bio Tanks in Parasomnia, the outermost base in Unthinkable, and the underground facility in Hamartia. They play no role in the gameplay itself.
  • The same Utopia Transport Pod from Lizard Brain appears in the cutscene that plays halfway through Reality Check. A Libra Clone is seen entering it, which explains the importance of the Utopia prototype during Lizard Brain.


  • The Utopia reuses the Mandjet's voiceset, which in turn uses the Hover Transport's voiceset in Yuri's Revenge.