The 3.3.5 Changelog

Since version 3.3.5's release, I've began working on a exhausive changelog as usual by diffing the two you_know_what.ini files. Things are considerably more complicated this time. By studying the 3.3.4 diff line-by-line I came up with a summary file of ~300 lines. While today I've reached 3654.

  • general - done
  • armor - done
  • sides - done
  • infantry - done
  • units - done
  • buildings - done
  • weapons
  • projectiles
  • warheads
  • particles
  • superweapons - done
  • movement - done
  • resources - done

It takes longer than expected but I'll release the diff blog sooner or later. I would also suggest not to start editing in a rush. It would be more efficient and accurate with a categorized reference.

I also discovered some interesting inconsistencies in you_know_what.ini. As a start: Bur…

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Tech Levels

Based on version 3.3.4

3.3.5 is (supposedly) incoming but I'm not sure if I have time to update this page by then. I'm writing this as a blog to prevent potential version consistency issues. Feel free to append a copy to the Gameplay section if you see fit.

  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Unit and structure list
  • 3 Remarks
  • 4 AI Behaviour
    • 4.1 Bug

A unit or structure's tech level is defined by TechLevel= in the INI.

Originally, the Techlevel system is meant to serve as tech tree. A unit can only be trained if the player's TechLevel is equal or greater than the unit's. While structures increases the player's TechLevel upon being built.

This was later scrapped in favor of the prequisite system, which allows for more complicated tech tree logics. In terms of tech tree imple…

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Build time calculation

This should have been a single response rather than a full blog post. I'm only putting it here for the sake of future improvements or references.

Unlike the garrison ROF where it is possible to reach frame-level precision by creating a reference group which fires once per frame, there's no way of doing so here since one cannot build two structures/units at exactly the same moment. The starting and ending timestamp of the building time must be read manually from the SW countdown timer, leading to an error of no less than 0.5 seconds = 7.5 frames. Therefore the result cannot be "proven" accurate, but the algorithm is undoubtably corrrect.

The following algorithm is deducted by debugging game.exe from vanilla RA2.

  • Multiply the structure/unit's Cos…

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Notable Changes Omitted in the 3.3.4 Changelog

2018-10-17: updating page according to changelog modifications

Comparison of the RulesMO files reveals lots of changes which are not mentioned in the changelog. Here are some changes which impacts gameplay the most:

Only listing changes not on the changelog Ordered by importance inside each section

  • 1 A.I.
  • 2 Changes
  • 3 Allies
  • 4 Soviets
  • 5 Epsilon
  • 6 Foehn

  • TeamRetaliate=no => yes
    • When a strike team member is attacked. The entire team will retaliate instead of only the member itself.
  • Units on the hunt will now retaliate.
  • AIAutoDeployFrameDelay=15,25,100 => 1,1,1
    • A.I. GIs and GGIs deploys faster when guarding an area.
  • TotalAITeamCap=50,75,100 => 100,75,50 (brutal, medium, easy)
    • Increased A.I. team cap. This is more likely a fix which makes harder A.I.s more challenging.…

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Patch 3.3.4 Mission Panoramas - Spoiler Alert

Using CNCMaps Renderer version 2.3.1: Github, JPG encoding quality 80.

The XML will not be disclosed because it contains some of the you-know-whats.

After some nerdy debugs, I found out the reason of the crash. Some files in expandmo96.mix are OBSOLETE with incorrect sizes and palettes. Listing the external MIX in reverse order (i.e. 99 - 96) fixes the crash.

I patched the Renderer to bypass one exception which crashes the program. The patch is trivial in nature, however under GPL v3, any modification of the source code should be make public:

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