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  • Fortranm

    All 3.3.4 Skirmish modes categorized into inheritance trees based on their rule sets. Just for fun.

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  • Fortranm

    About a year ago, I learned that Speeder personally wanted pre-3.0 contents "hidden" and "buried". In the past few months, Speeder has expressed his discontent towards the fact that this wiki was documenting pre-3.0 contents by (jokingly, I thought) asking "how do I officially denounce the wiki on Wikia :/". Yesterday, we had this conversation:

    Hi please nuke MO1.2/2.0 stuff from MO wiki thanks So that you can make it official after that's done? :P That depends, can you export/import it? export/import? All that content, can it be moved outside of a wikia-owned wi ki

    By this point, we need to make a decision. Do we continue documenting pre-3.0 contents here, or do we make a separate wiki for that?

    In my honest opinion, the way pre-3.0 cont…

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  • Fortranm

    Now that all entries on the old Epsilon templates have a page, it is a good time to add the rules regarding adding old contents on the Content policy page.

    Up to now, BotRot and I generally followed these rules, in the order of decreasing priority (the rules higher up on the list always taken precedence over the ones lower on the list):

    1. Official names

    2. Internal register names

    3. Sprites/appearances (for structures only)

    4. Functionality (within the same series only, unless it's for support powers or superweapons)


    1. Different iterations of Apocalypse Tanks are listed together regardless of their internal IDs.

    2. Sea Sled is listed under Piranha Minisub/Old because they share the same internal IDs.

    3. Obviously, the same structure spr…

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  • Fortranm

    This is a list of all paired units that share the same internal name by not the official name. For the sake of consistency, even the ones that are obviously direct successors are listed, unless they are MCVs or amphibious transports.

    The most counterintuitive ones are probably [PTROOP], [APOC], and [MAMM], and the latter two have been dealt with.

    As noted, the succession order of Palace and Atomhart currently on the site isn't actually following either official name or internal name, but I think it is fine to determine succession order of structures via physical appearance since the sprites of structures generally don't change as much across different versions.

    [ENFO]:Enforcer(1.2) - Siege Cadre(3.0)
    [CCOMAND]:Chrono Commando(1.2) - Cry…

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  • Fortranm

    As some of you might have noticed, I edited the 4 unit templates for v2.x and moved certain units around in the past few days. I think it's better to clarify my thought process and hopefully reach an agreement with everyone else interested in documenting 1.2/2.0 contents.

    Here is the flowchart on how I assigned the faction allegiance to hidden/stolen tech units, in order of decreasing priority: 1. If the archived official websites assigned a side to the unit, then the allegiance mentioned there is used.

    • Example: The stolen tech infantry from v1.2 can be trained from any barracks by any subfaction, but the v1.2 site assigned each of them to a side based on the structure that needs to be infiltrated.

    2. If the unit has a "RequiredHouses" tag th…

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