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    The wiki would benefit greatly if there are pages that explain game mechanics that aren't fully explained in official sources. More important since such game mechanics aren't exactly the same in vanilla RA2/YR. Would be a fine addition for both new and veteran players.

    Possible pages:

    • Veterancy
    • Detectors
    • Firepower/Speed/Armor Modifiers
    • Status Effects (e.g. Frozen, Suppressed)
    • Build time modifiers
    • Garrisoning
    • Power
    • Credits (as in money)
    • Shroud
    • Armor Types (e.g. Big Defensive Structure, Medium)
    • High Ground
    • Crates
    • Artificial Intelligence (behavior)
    • Barrels (Would be nice for an April Fools page though)

    Those community members who have innate knowledge on the insides of the mod (more than just playing it), especially exact values, are recommended for this.

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