Mental Omega Wiki


Greetings, fellow MO player or visitor. Name's Bot Rot.

I am currently an active contributor of the Command and Conquer Wiki and administrator of this wiki, but more importantly an avid gamer, which includes the Command and Conquer franchise (in fact, my first RTS games were Tiberian Sun and Red Alert 2) that led me to discovering modern mods of these legendary originals such as Twisted Insurrection and Mental Omega. Currently, I only play RTS games in my spare time.

Enough about me, may the community of this mod grow as Yuri wills it!

Please do leave a message on my message wall here for any concerns, clarifications, and complaints about the wiki. Messaging me on Discord is also an option.

To-Do List (in descending order)

  • Keeping the quality of the wiki (currently decent, but it could be better); set to high priority
  • Add all appropriate values (firepower, sight, turn rate, etc.) in unit and building pages (expecting major changes in next version)
  • Finish all changelogs for every unit, building, even missions
  • Adding several gameplay-related pages (such as Credits, Garrisoning, etc.)
  • Revise faction info and mission Events sections to be less "fanfiction-esque"
  • Complete History pages of faction and subfaction pages
  • Adding gifs for several pages to improve quality and to explain what static images could not (mostly finished, though may need to revise gifs with poor quality)
  • B-project: Add content from previous versions of Mental Omega (versions 2.0psi Patch 2 and 1.2); set to low priority (until wiki is up to date with the content of next version)