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After effectively capturing more of Yuri's major bases and collecting their intel, the Allies have found the Epsilon HQ, hidden in the snows of Antarctica. With the Paradox Engine task force getting closer to the South Pole, Yuri has no choice but to prepare for the endgame, while the Proselyte waits.
—Mission description

Operation: Unthinkable is the tenth Epsilon Act Two campaign mission.


Yuri's Message: "Proselyte, the inevitable is here; The Allied forces have made landfall on Antarctica and, even now, they are approaching our Headquarters. They have made quick work of our coastal defenses using their time tricks, and begun navigating their fleet through the melted ice sheets that are a result of the psychic energy created by my ultimate invention, the gate to my vision. Fortunately, they are all that remains; the subjugated Scorpion Cell and China, torn by an internal rebellion seemingly started by Yunru and her allies, pose a threat to us no longer. The Russian task force, with Volkov and Chitzkoi at the helm, is trapped in space for the time being, if not for good. Having captured our cosmoport, their assumption that our main base is on the moon has led them astray, and will pit them against an enemy they don't expect.

Proselyte, you must now set up an impenetrable defense and prevent the Allies from getting any further. The original Chronosphere is at the base right on the Engine's path; inside is a piece of incomplete hybrid technology I must finish myself before the enemy arrives. Libra is engaging the invading forces at the Weddell Sea still, possibly trying to land a hit on the Engine itself, but I'm afraid I must complete my work first before she is able to do so. If they prevail, it likely won't be long before the Russians manage to return to Earth, assuming they've managed to secure the space shuttles. With the moon base and all of its rockets under their control, they will surely find me, and make an attempt to kill me, as their last resort. This is the endgame, but we can't fight them all here."

Objective 1: Protect Yuri and the Chronosphere.
Objective 2: Destroy the invading Allied forces.


Holding the line

The Allies making a "dynamic entry" on the Epsilon base

The Allies made their entrance with a Time Freeze as an introduction followed by multiple waves of airstrikes and forces deployed via the Chronosphere, crippling the first line of defenses with ease. Soon afterward, they began pushing through the Epsilon Bases in a blitzkrieg manner, defeating the Epsilon forces like flies. The Proselyte watched in horror as his allies lost faster than he could have ever lost before while beginning to build up forces rapidly as well as rallying his forces near the Chronosphere. Fortunately, the bulk of the defending forces under his command were not affected by the Time Freeze - he wasted no time in rallying his troops and vehicles while fortifying and reinforcing the main path towards the Chronosphere.

Not for long, more Allied forces appeared on the northwestern sector. Even without the aid of the Time Freeze, the Allies were able to rout the Epsilon defenses there and rapidly established forward operating bases as more Voyager Transports disembarked additional forces. The collapse of the Proselyte's allies on the western flank meant that he had to divert his own forces there to stall the neverending advances the Allies made. It wasn't long before the Allied navy and air armada began to appear over the horizon and as they take down the coastal defenses slowly but surely... the Proselyte knew what this meant: the Paradox Engine was coming.

The Proselyte's advisor relieved him with some good news: elite HQ reinforcements were en route from their primary South Pole Base. He was then instructed to hold the line for as long as possible until the cavalry would arrive.

As time stood still...

Surely enough, the Paradox Engine arrived outside of the Proselyte’s base. It was crystal-clear that the Epsilon forces stationed on the coastlines of the Weddell Sea had failed to stop it. The Proselyte's advisor quickly ordered him to use everything available in the Epsilon arsenal to bring it down. Without further delays, the Proselyte quickly commanded all available anti-air units at his disposal: Colossi, Gehenna Platforms and Piranha Minisubs to converge on the Engine and focus all of their firepower on it, ignoring the other Allied ground troops.

The Proselyte's effort went well despite the Engine's Thor Gunship escorts' valiant defense and the constant losses they inflicted on the Epislon, but just as the Engine became critically damaged, the Proselyte's advisor detected chrono anomalies, meaning that the Engine is now in range to use its dreaded Time Freeze! Indeed, shortly afterwards time itself stood still before the Proselyte's eyes and by the time he regains battlefield control, all of the Epsilon forces have been utterly destroyed.

Evacuating Libra

After the Proselyte regained consciousness, his advisor told him the current situation: Libra had just returned from the front line, but she has not yet had the ability to fight against the Paradox Engine; Yuri seems to have barely completed his plan, but what happened to him just now remained unknown. In any case, he must do one thing: Take Libra to Rahn, who has been waiting for a long time, and take her with him to leave via Driller and let her enter Yuri's “tower”, because the Paradox Engine was getting closer and closer to the South Pole base.

The Proselyte was originally intended to lead Libra through the southern bridge to get to the destination faster, but a Navy SEAL had already destroyed the bridge, which forced Libra to pass directly through the Allied base in the west. What made this base so dangerous, however, is that the Allies have deployed Charon Tanks that could wipe out Libra by a single hit. The Proselyte carefully guided Libra forward and steered clear of Charon Tanks that may try to ambush her. With Rage's help, she easily broke through the Allies defense - and did not once go berserk again.

Finally, Libra took a route southwest of the river and completed the joint with Rahn.


The Allies destroyed the Chronosphere, but not before I was able to finish my work. It should be out of their reach, but Libra must find it. I had little time to escape.. The Soviets are coming. If I'm in Moscow, they'll go after me there, not you in the Antarctic.
—Yuri's message

The inevitable happened and the Allies may have won, but in the end, Yuri succeeded in his plan and chronoshifted to Moscow to lure the Russians there to ensure that his grand plan will succeed under the Proselyte himself. Libra was sent to the device to fulfill Yuri's plan, but time is of the essence before the Allies reach there.

To make things more difficult for the Epsilon, the Allies had already established support bases all over the Antarctic continent, in order to prepare for the major siege at the South Pole itself. What the Allies stationed at those bases didn't know was that their encounter with the PsiCorps commando would become an unforgettable nightmare for them.

Difficulty changes


  • Starting credits: 120,000
  • Defend time required: 24:00
  • The threat to the player's forces from the enemy base patrols is the weakest in this difficulty.
  • The number of Allied attack troops are the least in this difficulty.
  • 12 Harriers are included for each fighter squad from the outer map.


  • Starting credits: 90000
  • Defend time required: 28:00
  • 20 Harriers are included for each fighter squad from the outer map, and will come to attack Chronosphere prototype.


  • Starting credits: 60000
  • Defend time required: 32:00, meaning the player must defend longer.
  • The threat to the player's forces from the enemy base patrols is the strongest in this difficulty.
  • The number of Allied attack troops are the most numerous in this difficulty.
  • 28 Harriers are included for each fighter squad from the outer map, and will come to attack Chronosphere prototype.

Easter egg

  • There's a capturable Cannon Ball next to a cliff in the top middle of the map (North East of the Western Allied Base). Capturing it grants access to a one-use Tactical Nuke.
  • Hidden in the icebergs south of the PsiCorps base is a Cruise Ship. If the player minds control it, it'll be automatically destroyed and provide the player with a Salamander. This Salamander is not armed with confusion rays and not voiced.

Behind the scenes

  • This mission was known as Total Confusion in early development.


Great job, Proselyte! The Allied advance on the eastern side has been stopped!
At this rate they might run out of forces well before the Paradox Engine makes it here.
Things are not as well as we hoped! The Paradox Engine still has many forces to deploy!
—Epsilon intel if all three Allied bases are destroyed
  • The music that used in the evacuation part is Viratia by Frank Klepacki who composed the Allied and Soviet soundtrack.
  • Prior to 3.3.5, the music that played when the Paradox Engine showed up was Get On It, also composed by Frank Klepacki.
  • There are two anti-cheat measures in this mission: if the player manages to destroy the Paradox Engine or let the countdown end successfully, the mission will end in failure directly.
  • When all Allied bases are destroyed, the second mission objective will be completed, as the countdown to the arrival of the Epsilon Headquarters reinforcements at the bottom right will disappear, and EVA will praise the player. However, the Paradox Engine will arrive earlier than normal, which allows completing the mission quicker.