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The United States of America (USA or United States) is one of six subfactions of the Allied Nations in version 2.0.

Official description


Americans count on their sneaky, ambush-oriented, but also powerful units. During battle, they like to attack enemies suddenly and brutally, which is why they have decided to improve their assault technology and create powerful tanks that all armies are aware of. Special speed training and enhancement of units' mobility allowed American units to change their positions much faster and attack quicker than other Allied countries' armies do. USA spends most of their time on improving their fast and effective units. Recent gouverment support for infantry and pilot training ended with better-prepared American soldiers and pilots of Barracuda bombers. [1]


Americans count on their sneaky and ambush-oriented units. During battle, they like attacking enemies suddenly, which is why they decided to improve their stealth technology and create powerful bombers which surprises the opposition when they come from nowhere and attack enemy positions, being undetectable by radar stations. Special speed training allowed American units to move much faster through the battlefield and attack quicker than other Allied countries do. USA spends most time on improving their fast and effective units. With help of Professor Einstein they managed to upgrade their Mirage Tanks, and other sneaky units. [2]




Abrams Tank



Stealth Bomber

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