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Official preview image of the Unholy Alliance mode, showing all 4 MCVs present from the start.

Unholy Alliance is a game mode where all players are given all 4 MCVs at start, each of which unlocks techs from all subfactions of its corresponding side like they do in Tech Share, and subsequently access to all techs from all 12 subfactions. As a result, there are almost no differences between any subfactions in gameplay, with the Engineer being a notable exception.

Unholy Alliance mode shares maps with standard mode.



In this mode, since the player can directly access all tech except stolen tech units, it is possible to attack/ defend by combined units from various factions. Multiple types of IFVs is the markable example.

However, initially holding 4 MCVs will bring two problems to players: First, players need a lot of resources to develop complete all factions' technology; Second, it will take a long time to develop complete tech of all factions, and players need to consider the development order of four tech trees.

Behind the scenes

  • When Unholy Alliance was introduced in 3.3.0, players might not able to access to Tier 3 Allied structures and units due to disabling the Air Force Command HQ due to unknown reasons. This problem is fixed and players may able to expand Tier 3 Allied units/structures as any faction in 3.3.1.


  • Unholy Alliance was named AllTech.

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  • Version 3.3.0 Added.