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The Ultra Miner is an improved variant of the Chrono Miner that is deployed by the namesake support power used by the Allied Nations.

Compared to Chrono Miners, Ultra Miners are faster, amphibious, more durable and resilient, carry twice as much ores (the same as a Soviet War Miner), and armed with a negation field like that used by Pacific Front Suppressors to protect itself from enemy raids.

AI behavior

The AI will deploy an Ultra Miner if there is a task force of 2 Attack Dogs that are guarding the Experimental Warpshop, and if the Ultra Miner support power is 70% charged, or 2 minutes before it is ready. Only Normal and Hard AI will create Ultra Miners; Normal AI will only have a maximum of 1 Ultra Miner while Hard AI will only have a maximum of 2. Any created Ultra Miners and its Attack Dog "recruiters" will target any nearby enemy infantry.


Special Ops

  • In Fullmetal, an Ultra Miner is given individually during the mission, marking its first appearance.

Act Two

  • The Ultra Miner support power is unlocked in Relentless, after building Ore Purifier and Experimental Warpshop.

Behind the scenes

The Warp Miners icon
  • From version 3.3.0 to 3.3.5, this support power was Warp Miners. It could be called through the Experimental Warpshop when an Ore Refinery of any side was present and would teleport 2 Chrono Miners to the target location instead.