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The Ultra Dome is a European Alliance defense structure that supports nearby defenses by increasing their firepower.

Official description

The Ultra Dome is a unique Euro Alliance device, which has been designed to synchronize all the defenses in its vicinity and make it easier for their systems to exchange information regarding the enemy positions - past, present and in the predicted future. Enhanced with the Ultra Dome, the defensive structures around it will deal bigger damage than usual. Due to its complicated internal composition and technology, Ultra Domes are scarce in numbers - a commander can only build one of them on the battlefield. More resourceful of the commanders found it to be a non-issue however, as the Ultra Dome can still be teleported around with a Chronolift, to the spots that require better defense the most.[1]


As a kind of structure that can enhance the firepower of nearby defense structures, Ultra Dome can undoubtedly improve the defense capability of the Euro Alliance base, it has a large size of affecting area.

However, the limitations of the construction prerequisite make it only appear in later battles, and only one can be built, so when European commanders is building Ultra Dome, it is best to build it in a position that can affects as many defenses as possible to maximize its effectiveness.


You can construct the Ultra Dome to increase your defenses' firepower at a vital position.
—Allied intel during Operation: Hysteria

Act Two

  • Ultra Dome first appears in Godsend as enemy defense.
  • The Ultra Dome becomes buildable in Hysteria.

Behind the scenes

  • Prior to version 3.3.5, the European Alliance uses Coordnode as their firepower-boosting defense.