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They won't detect our approach.
—Typhoon Attack Sub

The Typhoon-class attack submarine, known in-game as Typhoon Attack Sub, is the primary attack vessel of the Soviet navy.

Official description

The main warship of the Soviet naval forces, Typhoons are submarines capable of moving quickly through the sea, ambushing any enemies with a salvo of torpedoes, quickly sinking them, and returning to the depths within seconds. Though they are one of the worlds most dangerous ship killers, they cannot attack land targets and have difficulty maneuvering due to their length.

Two different sets of torpedoes are loaded onto Typhoons: Type-O, a standard precise and effective type of torpedo, and Type-T, which has a tesla-tipped highly explosive warhead, capable of travelling at larger distances and greater speeds at the cost of its accuracy and reload time.[1]


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The Typhoon is the Soviet main naval submarine. It excels in naval engagements by firing a salvo of torpedoes to its target. While they are quite powerful on its own, they also gain a benefit of being permanently submerged, which makes them invisible to radar and in combat. This allows the Typhoon to ambush any ship without notice.

However, they cannot engage against either ground or air so they are restricted to naval combat only. While they are submerged, anti-submarine units can defeat them easily. If they're attacked, they'll be forced to surface, becoming vulnerable to further land and air attacks.

AI behavior

The AI has the ability to create Typhoons in Type-T torpedoes mode without needing to switch modes first. However, the AI is not programmed to switch between Typhoon modes.

Typhoons controlled by the AI have the following attack patterns:

All difficulties

  • 2x targeting everything
  • 4x targeting everything


  • 2x targeting everything (Type-T mode)
  • 2x targeting everything, accompanied by 2 Seawolves
  • 2x guarding friendly base, accompanied by 2 Seawolves


  • 4x gathering near enemy base
    • This task force may be accompanied by 2 Kuznetsovs or Akulas


The Typhoon Attack Sub can now switch to a special long range tesla torpedo.
—Soviet intel during Operation: The Raven

The Typhoon Attack Sub does not have the Type-T torpedo during Act One. However, this alternate mode is available to use starting from The Raven.

Act One


  • Effective against naval units.
  • Submerged, can attack without surfacing.
  • Can detect submerged and cloaked units.
  • Can ambush ships without warning, especially those without detection and anti-submarine capabilities.
  • Vulnerable to anti-submarine weaponry.
  • When surfaced due to receiving damage, submarine will be vulnerable to further land and air attacks.
  • Cannot attack ground and air units.
  • Short sight range.
  • Destroyers are able to detect Typhoons early and use Ospreys from long range.

Behind the scenes

  • In the campaign of version 3.3.5, China and The Revolt did not have access to Typhoon's Type-T torpedoes.


  • The Typhoon Attack Sub is based on the real-life Typhoon-class submarine known as АкулаAkula in the Russian Navy. Mental Omega used the NATO reporting name "Typhoon-class" but not "Akula-class".

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