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You have 10 seconds to comply.
- A Tsurugi warning hostiles to stand down
The Tsurugi Powersuit is the Pacific Front's equivalent to the American Stryker and the European Archon, but with higher passenger survivability rate and immunity to toxin and radiation. It is designed as a support unit capable of performing a variety of roles, including anti-infantry, anti-air, and vehicle repair, depending on the infantry unit garrisoned within.

Official description

The Tsurugi is the Pacific Front equivalent of the IFVs used by the other Allied factions. This powersuit comes with several advantages. It has an increased passenger survivability rate and is completely impervious to environmental hazards such as radiation and toxins. Previously used in law enforcement, the Tsurugi was initially planned to be fully automated. However, when a Tsurugi's AI malfunctioned during a demonstration in Tokyo, killing a business man, the idea was scrapped in favor of a human pilot.[1]


The Tsurugi Powersuit, in its standard configuration, acts as the Tier 1 troop carrier and anti-aircraft vehicle for the Pacific Front. While the Euro Alliance Archon AMC favors armor and the American Stryker IFV prefers speed, this variant lacks both (although it is slightly better armored than the Stryker) but it makes up for these drawbacks with a slightly higher survival rate for its passengers in the event the vehicle is destroyed. In addition, it offers immunity to environmental hazards, such as radiation and toxins. Lastly, it is the cheapest variant of the Allied IFVs available.

When loaded with an Engineer, this unit becomes a mobile repair vehicle that can quickly replenish the health of fellow Pacific Front vehicles. They can also neutralize large swarms of Terror Drones, and multiple Tsurugis can all repair a unit at once - this allows units such as the Battle Tortoise to endure more punishment while soaking up immense amounts of damage easily. They cannot repair aircraft, even if they are landed at their respective airfields.

Ideal infantry units to place into one include Siege Cadres and Navy SEALs. Siege Cadres will transform the Tsurugi into a cheap yet potent anti-structure weapon, while Navy SEALs will arm it with formidable anti-infantry firepower with a bonus of being immune to units such as Desolators.

Because of its slow speed and rather lacking armor, the Tsurugi is not as suited for rapid ambushes or defensive duties, especially against faster aircraft.


Infantry Armament Picture
Default "Mist" missiles
Tsurugi 00 HoverMissile
Repair beam
Tsurugi 01 RepairBullet
Machine gun – ineffective against vehicles
Tsurugi 02 CRM60
Crazy Ivan Ivan Bomb launcher – attaches Ivan Bomb to target
Tsurugi 03 FVIvanBomber
Sub-machine gun – ineffective against heavy vehicles
Tsurugi 04 CRMP5
Sniper rifle
Tsurugi 05 CRAWP
Tesla Trooper Dual Tesla Coils – temporarily disables vehicles
Tsurugi 06 CRElectricBolt
Pyro Flamethrower
Tsurugi 07 FVFlamethrower
Psychic blasts
Tsurugi 08 CRMindBlast
Rad cannon
Tsurugi 09 CRRadBeamWeapon
Chrono Legionnaire Temporal displacement device
Tsurugi 10 CRNeutronRifle
Riot Trooper Flash grenades – clears garrisoned structures
Tsurugi 11 FVRiotGrenade
Siege Cadre Prism rifle
Tsurugi 12 CREnforcerGun
Dunerider Toxic grenades
Tsurugi 13 FVHoverGrenade
Clairvoyant Stun beam – temporarily immobilizes target infantry
  • Cooldown: 50 frames (3.3 in-game seconds)
  • Range: 9
Tsurugi 14 ClairIFVWeb
Tanya Laser gun
Tsurugi 15 FVTanyaLaser
Guardian GI "Seeker" missiles – ineffective against infantry
Tsurugi 16 CRMissileLauncher
Bloatick Toxic warhead – detonates on attack, releasing poison clouds
Tsurugi 17 FVSpiderBomb
Duplicant Nanoid warhead – detonates on attack, turning infantry killed into Duplicants; does not heal Foehn infantry
  • Ground attack: 300
  • Range: 1.73, radius 2.6
Tsurugi 18 FVDuplicantAttack
Virus Virus sniper rifle
Tsurugi 19 FVVirusgun
Field Medic Heal bullets
Tsurugi 20 HealBullet
Archer Long bow with AROs
Tsurugi 21 FVLongbow
Initiate Psychic jab
Tsurugi 24 CRPsychicJab
Suppressor Negation Field
Tsurugi 25 FVSuppressorBomb
Explosive warhead – detonates on attack; does not create radiation as in the vanilla Red Alert 2
Tsurugi 26 FVPilotBomb
Mortar Quad Mortar
Tsurugi 27 FVQuadMortar
Flak Trooper Flak cannon – can only attack air targets
Tsurugi 28 FVFlakWeapon
Brute "Jagdpanther" cannon – more effective against infantry than regular tank cannons
Tsurugi 29 FVTankCannon
Stalker Imploder – cannot target infantry
Tsurugi 30 FVStalkerGrenade
Arsonist Napalm charges – attaches napalm charges to buildings
Tsurugi 31 FVArsonistWeapon
Morales Incendiary sniper rifle – deals damage in a line, and depilots Tier 1 and Tier 2 vehicles
Tsurugi 32 FVSuperSniper
Malver Kinetic blade – effective against infantry and vehicles; cannot target buildings
Tsurugi 33 FVUnderBlade
Libra Custom explosive darts – effective against all targets
  • Ground and air attack: 132 * 3 (396 total); 185 * 3 (555 total) when elite
  • Cooldown: 80 frames (5.3 in-game seconds)
  • Range: 10.5
Tsurugi 34 FVPsychicDarts
Libra Clones Fake custom explosive darts – deals less damage than the real version
  • Ground and air attack: 16 * 3 (48 total)
  • Cooldown: 80 frames (5.3 in-game seconds)
  • Range: 10.5
Tsurugi 35 FVFakeDarts
Volkov Chain lightning Tesla cannon – cannot target buildings
Tsurugi 36 FVVolkovBolt
Yunru Immobilizer
Tsurugi 37 FVYunruEMP
Rahn "Terranova" beam
Tsurugi 38 MutationRailgun
Knightframe Dual VHMG – cannot attack air targets
Tsurugi 40 FVKnightGun
Kingsframe Dual Power cannon
Tsurugi 41 FVKingsGun
Lancer Pressurizer Lance
Tsurugi 42 FVLancerAirslash
Railguneer Plasma railgun
Tsurugi 43 FVRailguneerBlast
Huntress Nanoid container gun – has an exceptionally long range
Tsurugi 44 FVHuntressAttack
Deviatress Confusion rifle – cannot attack air targets
Tsurugi 45 FVConfuseRifle
Syncronin Bond breaker
Tsurugi 46 FVBondBreaker
Syncronaut Area bond breaker – ranged attack
Tsurugi 47 FVBondEruption


Act One

  • Tsurugi first appears in Think Different as an enemy unit, which is only used by Kanegawa Industries until The Gardener.
  • The player has one (and only one) Tsurugi at their disposal to rescue the missing KI scientists throughout The Gardener. Unlike regular Tsurugis deployed from the War Factory, this one will be disabled if it has no passengers.

Act Two

  • Due to the player's limited access to PF tech in the campaign, it does not become buildable (without capturing enemy Pacific Front War Factories) until Stormbringer.


  • Decent against infantry, light vehicles and aircraft.
  • Versatile unit due to a variety of IFV configurations and quick weapon switches.
  • Good escorts for fellow Allied vehicles with a mix of loaded and unloaded Tsurugis in different configurations.
  • Improves the weapons and mobility of on-board infantry.
  • Multiple Engineer-loaded Tsurugis can repair friendly vehicles at an incredible rate.
  • Inexpensive ($550).
  • Immune to poison and radiation.
  • Higher passenger survivability rate compared to other IFVs.

  • Lightly armored and fragile.
  • Vulnerable against anti-armor threats and aircraft.
  • Default weapon is not very effective against armored tanks and structures.
  • Micro intensive.
  • Cannot crush infantry.
  • Mediocre speed compared to other IFVs.

Behind the scenes

  • Prior to 3.0 the Tsurugi was supposed to be only operational when an infantry is loaded inside it, but it was scrapped due to technical limitations. This feature is revived in The Gardener.


  • A tsurugi (剣) is a Japanese straight, double-edged sword.
  • The Tsurugi is based from ED-209 in Robocop.
    • Most of its quotes and part of its description is, in fact, references to the ED-209.
  • In spite of being a human-piloted unit, the Tsurugi addresses itself to the commander with a robotic tone.
  • The Tsurugi Powersuit's unit ID is actually named TENGU, while the Tengu's unit ID is MECHA. In addition, the Tsurugi's armor type is called "tengu" as well.

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