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With the Russian-Chinese alliance broken, the forces in Europe have engaged in combat. To preserve their strength and prepare for the defense of their critical positions, the Chinese have begun partial evacuation from the European theater. However, the enemy ambushes them in Santander.
—Mission description

Operation: Trophy Hunter is a Soviet Special Operations campaign mission.


The worst has happened, General. Not only did the Comintern's plan to conquer Europe suffer a major setback in the English Channel, the gap of distrust between us and Russia had finally widened to the point where it turned into a hot battle in Kyushu, Japan. Our leadership believes that such a bad result is rooted in the Russians' involvement in affairs in Xizang without our permission and has strongly condemned Russia for their chauvinistic acts. We immediately launched several counterattacks that unfortunately ended in failure. Now we have to be wary of the nuclear threat posed by their MIDAS warheads at all times. While our battle for dominance in the Comintern's affairs faces complications, our grasp over the Asian theater must not weaken, so we must convene as much power as possible to deal with any possible future threats. The rogues in the splintered Pacific Front and the forces of India are ever waiting for an opportunity to strenghten their influence once again.

Our expeditionary forces in Europe are being attacked by Russia ever since our relation critically deteriorated, and not to mention the Latin Confederation is still on their side. We must bring the expeditionary forces back. Since shorter routes such as the Suez Canal are blocked by Russia, letting our troops move along the relatively safe African coasts and into the Indian Ocean to return to the homeland is our only choice. You will command the evacuation operation at the Spanish port Santander. Make good use of the limited resources there and protect our expeditionary forces as they withdraw. Do not fail, General.

Objective 1: Escort the retreating forces to the harbour.
Objective 2: Protect the harbour until the evacuation is complete.


Two Chinese commanders are told to protect the port with limited resources under ambushes and make defenses under the attack of the hostile Soviets. The Soviets used Kamaz carried with bomb to attack one of the Chinese outposts and quickly captured other two.

The retreating divisions continues to move toward the port, and some of them who were willing to back to combat went to receive the repair from the Repair Cranes and the treatment from Medic Bunkers, then begins to escort the evacuation of other units. In a timely reaction, China has held several bases from the Soviet attacks, and several vital structures have been protected well by their Iron Curtain Device.

A period of time after the evacuating troops reached the port, the enemy has strengthened their offensive, including sending a large number of Kirov Airships. The last batch of the defenders have to stop the attack of the enemy and give up the chance of retreat. In the end, most of the evacuating troops have entered the ocean safely, proving that the task has been successful.


Thanks to you most of our troops have safely sailed home, but the ones who couldn't leave in time were captured by the Russians. It also appears the last Zubrs were ambushed by the Confederation on the ocean and ended up being trapped on the Canary Islands.
—Battlefield report

Under the role of a small part of the guards, China has safely withdrawn their forces from European theater in the civil war, and brought them back, to prepare for dealing with various crises that may happen in the future. However, the team who insisted on resisting enemy attacks was not fortunate. They were either captured, or being intercepted at the end of the retreat line, wandering in islands at last until being attack by someone else later. Who knows if the Soviet's internal conflict will continue next time.

Difficulty changes


  • Starting credits: 60000
  • The enemy attack intensity are the least.
  • Amount of the fallen evacuating troops allowed are the most numerous.
  • The player will get full map reveal from the start.
  • Added 4 ally Nuwa Cannons to guard.
  • No bomb Kamazs will disguise as evacuating forces.
  • The enemy will not send Engineers to capture the Soviet Barracks at rightmost Chinese outpost.
  • 1 armor crate, 1 speed crate and veterancy crate are present at player's starting location.
  • AI ally will occupy 2 Tech Concrete Bunkers at port with elite infantry.
  • The Iron Curtain Device and 8 player's buildings will be protected when the Iron Curtain Device is taking the first heavy damage.
  • Tech Machine Shop, Tech Heavy Machinery, Tech Academy, one Tech Power Plant and several Tech defenses will be given to the player initially.


  • Starting credits: 30000
  • The enemy attack intensity are averaged.
  • Amount of the fallen evacuating troops allowed are averaged.
  • 1 armor crate and 1 speed crate are present at player's starting location.
  • Added one Kirov Airship squadron (7 Kirovs) at the end of mission.
  • Instant Shelter's cooldown increased to 6:30.
  • The Iron Curtain Device and 5 player's buildings will be protected when the Iron Curtain Device is taking the first heavy damage.


  • Starting credits: 25000
  • The enemy attack intensity are the most numerous.
  • Removed 4 Tech Concrete Bunkers.
  • The enemy will self-heal and self-repair quickly.
  • Amount of the fallen evacuating troops allowed are the least.
  • AI ally counterattack intensity are less than in other difficulties.
  • Instant Shelter's cooldown increased to 7:00.
  • Added five Kirov Airship squadrons (35 Kirovs) at the end of mission.
  • 2 Tech Concrete Bunkers near the player's starting location is heavily damaged.
  • The Iron Curtain Device and 3 player's buildings will be protected when the Iron Curtain Device is taking the first heavy damage.

Easter egg

No, General. We can't take these units yet. Here, this should help them survive.
—EVA's message when the easter egg is completed
  • There are 4 coloured squares at the top right of the map, with hedgehogs next to them. If the player moves their Conscripts onto the 4 coloured squares, the hedgehogs will explode and they will be rewarded with 3 crates (2 Veterancy and 1 Armor). The message above will also be played when this easter egg is completed.
    • A video explanantion can be found [here].