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Danger! The Euro Alliance commanders are using strange technology based on the Chronosphere, which allows them to move their soldiers and vehicles at incredibly high speeds. They also seem to possess a prototype of the teleporting tank.
—Map description

Timekiller Challenge is the second challenge map, where the enemy forces consist of European Alliance forces with a preference towards chrono-based tech, including the Quickshifter.


Enemy infantry and vehicles have a noticeable, permanent boost in movement speed (units move at 3 times their regular speed while infantry and aircraft move at 1.5 times) and firepower (all units have 1.5 times the firepower), enabling them to outrun and outgun the challengers' troops. Stationary defenses are not affected, however.

The outer perimeter of the 3 European Alliance bases are patrolled by Quickshifters, as well as guarded by deployed Snipers and Chrono Legionnaires.

Support Power changes/additions

  • The enemy is able to chronoshift random reinforcements anywhere in the battlefield, as long as the location is on land. The following is the list of all possible reinforcements:
  • The enemy's Force Shield recharge time is reduced to 1 minute and its duration has been doubled from 30 seconds to 1 minute, effectively making the Force Shield permanent. However, it will only be targeted at the center of the AI base constantly, rather than only use it when a superweapon has been launched against them. Only the enemy can use the Force Shield;
  • Shield Command no longer provides Lightning Rod as all Thor Gunships have default firepower buff in this challenge;
  • Paladin Aid's cooldown decreased to 6:00.

Unit changes/additions

  • Siege Cadres and Chrono Legionnaires are trained as veteran.
  • Thor Gunships used by the enemy have a permanent 25% firepower boost, as if permanently affected by a nearby Lightning Rod.
  • Siegfried and Snipers have an increased default speed from 5 to 6.

Starting point Tech buildings

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