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The Time Freeze is the Paradox Engine's most feared weapon, which causes its victims to become unresponsive and completely defenseless against the Allied forces, who are unaffected by the Time Freeze, stopping entire armies on their tracks while it lasts. However, on one instance, friendly Allied forces were affected as it is not "fully harmonized", but this is quickly resolved on the later stages of the war.[1]

Despite its powerful effects, the Time Freeze requires a huge amount of power to sustain it, preventing it from being used liberally. Moreover, the Time Freeze also has a wide but limited range, which allows the Allies' enemies to prepare a formidable, yet futile defense. Lastly, the Time Freeze is also unable to affect wearers of a Chrono Backpack, including the Allies' enemies.


WARNING - Chrono anomalies detected! You are in the Paradox Engine's range!
—Epsilon intel

Act Two

  • The Paradox Engine first uses Time Freeze at the end of Godsend after the Epsilon forces approach the SteinsTech Hangar to slaughter every Epsilon soldier before escaping.
  • The Paradox Engine uses Time Freeze at the end of Bottleneck after being escorted by the Allies, allowing the remaining Allied forces to clear the Epsilon presence in the isles.
  • At the end of Hysteria, the Paradox Engine activates the Time Freeze, causing a wing of Barracudas to sweep in and destroy all Epsilon forces.
  • At the beginning of Insomnia, the Paradox Engine uses the Time Freeze just before the initial landing of the Allied forces on Antarctica. It can then be manually activated by the player as a support power after the Paradox Engine arrives.
  • In Unthinkable, the Paradox Engine activates the Time Freeze twice on the mission: first to overwhelm the northern Epsilon bases (though the Time Freeze is out of range to affect the player's forces), and second to finish off the Epsilon forces once either it is on low health (red, lower than 25%) or it gets close to the bottom side of the map.
  • In Withershins, the Paradox Engine activates the Time Freeze after the final surface Mental Dynamo is destroyed to allow the Allies to Chronoshift troops and defenses around the Mental Omega Device.
  • In Hamartia, the Time Freeze is activated just before Tanya and Siegfried can destroy the underground Dybbuk Hive and the effect ends just before the two get back to the surface via train. Later, the player is given one last use of the Time Freeze power to assist them in getting the Paradox Engine to the Mental Omega Device.
  • In Babel, the Allies activate the Time Freeze when the countdown to the activation of the Mental Omega Device reaches zero in a last ditch effort to destroy the device before it activates, forcing the player to defend the tower with Libra until it ends. As Libra owns a Chrono Backpack, she is the only Epsilon unit that is unaffected by Time Freeze. The Allies will employ the Time Freeze for one last time in their last push once Libra critically damages the Paradox Engine.
  • In The Remnant, the player is given a single use of the Time Freeze to test the repaired Time Circuits of the Paradox Engine Wreckage. In the Foehn Campaign epilogue following the mission, the Engine's overcharged Time Circuits generate a temporal distortion, isolating Point Hope from the rest of the planet and the effects of the Mental Omega Device while freezing all Epsilon units in the area.



  1. Hysteria Allied intel: "The Paradox Engine is almost in the range to activate time stop as soon as the battery is onboard. It's not fully harmonized so you'll be affected by it."