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As the construction of the Foehn Council Seat is approaching its end, the founders of the great Revolt discuss the past, the present and the future. Hidden secrets are revealed and some ghosts of the past laid to rest, but the fate of the world remains dangerously unknown..
—Mission description

Operation: Time Capsule is a Foehn Special Operations and the prequel campaign mission, which is shown as a flashback event from the VOLKNET.


Through great sacrifice and endurance of soldiers from all over the globe, We have managed to secure a safe haven before Yuri's Mental Omega Device was successfully activated. We were in no position to prevent it - too long have the armies of the world fought divided, failing to recognize or act against the greatest threat to its freedom. Still, with Us its last bastion persevered.

The overloaded time circuits of the Paradox Engine have seemingly separated a vast area around it from the rest of the world - time now appears to flow differently here, and thus far no one from the outside managed to get in. The effects of Yuri's Tower have not reached Our armies either. Right now We can only theorize how long this state of things will persist - the analysis of the Engine's apparatus and the notes left behind by its creator Siegfried has not concluded yet. We are uncertain if there is a possibility to step into the outside world as long as the barrier exists. The experiment will need to be conducted sooner than later, as eventually We have to investigate and increase resources for Our growth. If there is one thing Our troops need, it is the neurotoxin that Rashidi was producing, one he did not manage to secure before heading for Bering Strait. The chances Yuri's forces have not taken it all are low, and when We step outside - they will surely be waiting. Regardless, We must try.

But before We proceed further, We need to share information amongs Ourselves. Each of the parties involved in this Revolt has information that might be valuable to deciding Our future actions. It will help uncover the mystery of Yuri's plan, and design a necessary response. The world We will see will be vastly different to the one We left behind. We must be prepared for the worst.


As VOLKNET has embedded into the base of the Last Bastion, the Council members got a space to rest, a meeting has been held in the base. During this period, Yunru mentioned some unknown pasts to everyone present.

Flashback: Captured

The Feng Squad is getting into the underground to find and rescure Yunru

One day in 1983, Yunru, escorted by some troops, was preparing to return to the home base in Kashmir. However, her team was attacked by an ambush launched by unknown troops nearby. Yunru herself was arrested in the attack and taken to an underground facility.

Fortunately, the General Xiurong Wu immediately learned about the incident and sent his elite Feng Squad to the area where the underground facility is located - Bamiyan Valley, Afghanistan, to carry out rescue.

Flashback: Underground

After entering the underground bunker, the Feng Squad found that it was full of strange facilities they had never seen before. First, they destroyed a bioenergy-generating structure near the entrance, opened the prison gate, found Yunru among the detainees. Yunru said there was a lot to investigate in the underground facility after being rescued, and asked Feng Squad to take her to the location of a lab, though going through a lot of other facilities was required. Unfortunately, the entrance Feng Squad came from was quickly blocked by the enemy. Therefore, the Feng Squad went to a room that appeared to be damaged first.

Along the way, Yunru kept collecting a lot of information from various Control Panels, to learn about this mysterious group in the facility. Tech discovered by her include the development of magnetic weapons, mutant biology research, Dybbuk series aircraft, terminus gas and so on. The Feng Squad were surprised by discovering a large number of poisonous spider-like creatures and muscular brutal soldiers in that damaged room. One of squad members wondered that it was impossible for Russia to create these disturbing creatures, and Yunru added that this should be a facility built by their own subfaction - PsiCorps.

With finding and destroying the next set of Bio Reactors that opened the gates to the road ahead, the Feng Squad moved on and repeated the previous act of opening the gates several times. Along the way, the team rescued many PoWs from various factions, including teammates from China, prisoners from Russia, and even some Allied prisoners, whom were at least shown so in Yunru's memories. Something even more beyond the squad's imagination was yet to come: one of the rooms has a terrifying vehicle that instantly transforms captives into the Brutes they've seen before; a room was full of workers that were forced to do harvests with a bio bomb binding on each of them; there is also a room that housed a structure that was used to crush human bodies and turn them into resources. As the team grew in size and Yunru collected more and more information, they finally arrived at the laboratory she spoke of. After that, how to safely get Yunru into the lab becomes yet another problem for the squad. Enemies in the underground facility used a variety of means to defend the lab room, including a type of stealth generating device, some snipers capable of firing contagious viral warheads, and a continuous spout of genetic mutation gas from exposed pipes. In order to eliminate these mixed defenses, members of the squad with different functions each spent a long time carefully eliminating threats before securing the room.

Yunru entered the laboratory and began to collect information, then the enemy in the underground facility raised the alarm and sent reinforcements to the room where the squad was located. The team heard the enemy clamoring to "release the test subject", which later turned out to be some kind of enhanced Brutes. The squad only had to guard the entrance of the room to resist the countless enemies who came to attack, and used some support stuffs Yunru found in the laboratory as a means of auxiliary defense, including... put some Barrels. Due to the size of the enemy already growing, the squad evacuated the underground facility from the exit of this room immediately after Yunru finished working in the laboratory.

Flashback: Exiting the battlefield

After exiting the facility, the Feng Squad members found themselves in Scorpion Cell's camp

Escaping the underground facility meant that Yunru and the Feng Squad were free of a serious threat, but there's one more thing they must do next: traverse the battlefield where Russian and the Scorpion Cell forces were fighting. Obviously, both sides will see the squad as members of the Chinese side, that is, a common enemy. Fortunately, General Xiurong Wu had already deployed a small force locally to support Yunru and the Feng Squad, and they first had to head to this outpost so that Yunru could regain the equipment that would allow her to fight. The outpost was not far from the area where Scorpion Cell's troops were located, so everyone crossed the valley, bypassed some tight defenses, and quickly gathered in the outpost. Next, Yunru re-equipped her EMP immobilizer and "Groundbreaker" device. After a short period of settlement, Yunru and the squad quickly continued on their way to escape from the battlefield.

The escape point was at opposite of a bridge behind the Russian base, so the team must pass through the interior of the Soviet base. This was a more difficult task as there was a Concrete Fortress at the entrance to the Russian base, and the Russians used many Wolfhounds to patrol the battlefield. Therefore, Feng Squad could only avoid these Wolfhounds as much as possible with their limited anti-air forces and cover Yunru to destroy the Concrete Fortress with the Earthbreaker. By the time the team broke into the Russian base, there were not many members left. Those who survived immediately eliminated the remaining enemies on the way at the fastest speed, crossed and then blown up the bridge, to prevent more enemies from chasing them. After returning to the closest Chinese outpost, Yunru said goodbye to Feng Squad and asked the squad members to express her gratitude to General Xiurong Wu on her behalf.

The summary

Yunru met Malver, the assassin of the Scorpion Cell. He asked Yunru some questions about the Scorpion Cell on the previous battlefield, and suspected that his brothers were a tool used by PsiCorps to conceal the existence of underground facilities, and even thought that some brothers were sent to underground facilities for PsiCorps experiments. He then introduced his leader Rashidi to Yunru's team in the hope that the two could work together. After returning to base, Yunru reported her experience to superiors, but they later, after learning of Yuri's activities, decided to use it as an opportunity to squeeze Russia out of the Comintern throne, rather than taking risk against Yuri's Epsilon Army actively. Yunru also expressed disappointment at Xiurong Wu's subsequent disclosure of the home base in Kashmir (although he was actually forced to confess after being captured by the Soviets).

After Yunru recounted what happened to her, Tanya asked a question: Why did her team choose to launch MIDAS to wipe out everyone including her mates in the battle in Kashmir, just to prevent a technology leak. Yunru's answer: When her team decided to launch the MIDAS, the home base members were nearly wiped out, and the reverse engineering of MIDAS was unsuccessful, so this was the best way to consume it. Speaking of this, Rashidi also feels very guilty: he didn't see through Yuri's lies earlier, causing the world to suffer so much. In the end, the General Carville hurriedly stepped forward and said that there is no point in blaming themselves now, and doing what you need to do now is the top priority. The meeting ended with everyone's affirmation.


The realization came to Us too late - it was the psychic previously encountered in Kashmir, who was the key to Yuri's worldwide mind control. It is exactly how We predicted: only when fighting together, the remnants of the free world stand a chance against the Epsilon.
—Situation assessment

Aside from hearing everyone's stories, the biggest takeaway from this information exchange meeting for all members of the Council is knowing that the core stuff of Yuri's plan of global mind control was the terrifying psychic they all remembered. Apparently, this psychic who had forged hatred with the Foehn members from various factions, made the Foehn Revolt share the same hatred and became a medium of unity.

Now, it's up to the Foehn members to do their jobs, racing against the clock to complete their development or training tasks, and prepare for any unknown events outside the fortress. When the time is right, Foehn will send out their new-style taskforce with enough combat qualities to explore the lost world outside.

Difficulty changes



  • Part of Tank Bunkers at underground facility will load Gatling Tanks.
  • Increased amount of patrols at underground facility, added Duneriders among them.
  • Some Epsilon Adepts will be present at underground facility.
  • Increased enemy spawning rate when defending the Underground Lab, the enemy will produce Genequads.
  • On the ground area, the bridge straght to the Soviet base will be blown up. However, there are numerous barrels placed at main entrance of Soviet base.


  • Part of Tank Bunkers at underground facility will load Stingers.
  • Further increased amount of patrols at underground facility, added Duneriders and Epsilon Adepts among them.
  • Some Epsilon Adepts will be present at underground facility.
  • Highly increased enemy spawning rate when defending the Underground Lab, the enemy will produce Genequads and Stingers, as well as sending an extra Virus when the countdown is about 5 minutes remaining.
  • Boss Brutes get their hit points increased, Wonder Drugs and Kinetic Barrier will be used on them.
  • More Gatling Tanks will be present in underground facility with armor and firepower increased.
  • More Wolfhounds will patrol around the Soviet base, extra Terror Drones and Tesla Cruisers will guard the zone.
  • Additional Wolfhounds will enter the battlefield when player's squad destroyed the previous Wolfhound team dispatched from Soviets.
  • On the ground area, the bridge straght to the Soviet base will be blown up. The Feng Squad have to make a detour.

Easter egg


Video link of the longest easter egg, aka. The Forgotten Place: [LINK]

Other easter eggs:
In underground area:

  • Enter the Mastermind room, rescue Field Medic and Snipers. Use Crazy Ivans or Navy SEALs to destroy the barricades behind this room, then use player's amphibious infantry to enter the hidden river, and you'll get additional reinforcement from the rear of it (elite Riot Troopers and Navy SEALs).
  • Lure any vehicles to get out of the top left room by getting any anti-armor infantry close to the gates, and enter the locked room quickly. An unidentified infantry will tell you to survive a spinning Brute storm. Kill all those Brutes inside can get bonus crates.
  • Keep 12 Tesla Coils at player's hand can get a permanent Overcharge to provide power for coils.

In ground area:

  • Use any stealth-detect unit to reach a certain place at left of map, and stealth Reznov will appear at a highland nearby. Select him and he will help the player kill all Viruses. This is a reference of Viktor Reznov from Call of Duty: Black Ops. He's not related to canonical Reznov in Mental Omega story.
  • Find and destroy a tough Mammoth Tank located at bottom left of map can get an 1-time Tactical Nuke.