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As the construction of the Foehn Council Seat is approaching its end, the founders of the great Revolt discuss the past, the present and the future. Hidden secrets are revealed and some ghosts of the past laid to rest, but the fate of the world remains dangerously unknown..
—Mission description

Operation: Time Capsule is a Foehn Special Operations and the prequel campaign mission, which is shown as a flashback event from the VOLKNET.


Through great sacrifice and endurance of soldiers from all over the globe, We have managed to secure a safe haven before Yuri's Mental Omega Device was successfully activated. We were in no position to prevent it - too long have the armies of the world fought divided, failing to recognize or act against the greatest threat to its freedom. Still, with Us its last bastion persevered.

The overloaded time circuits of the Paradox Engine have seemingly separated a vast area around it from the rest of the world - time now appears to flow differently here, and thus far no one from the outside managed to get in. The effects of Yuri's Tower have not reached Our armies either. Right now We can only theorize how long this state of things will persist - the analysis of the Engine's apparatus and the notes left behind by its creator Siegfried has not concluded yet. We are uncertain if there is a possibility to step into the outside world as long as the barrier exists. The experiment will need to be conducted sooner than later, as eventually We have to investigate and increase resources for Our growth. If there is one thing Our troops need, it is the neurotoxin that Rashidi was producing, one he did not manage to secure before heading for Bering Strait. The chances Yuri's forces have not taken it all are low, and when We step outside - they will surely be waiting. Regardless, We must try.

But before We proceed further, We need to share information amongs Ourselves. Each of the parties involved in this Revolt has information that might be valuable to deciding Our future actions. It will help uncover the mystery of Yuri's plan, and design a necessary response. The world We will see will be vastly different to the one We left behind. We must be prepared for the worst.


Flashback: Captured

The Feng Squad is getting into the underground to find and rescure Yunru

Flashback: Underground

Flashback: Exiting the battlefield

After exiting the facility, the Feng Squad members found themselves in Scorpion Cell's camp

The summary


The realization came to Us too late - it was the psychic previously encountered in Kashmir, who was the key to Yuri's worldwide mind control. It is exactly how We predicted: only when fighting together, the remnants of the free world stand a chance against the Epsilon.
—Situation assessment

Difficulty changes

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