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Kill them before they kill us!
- A Tigr APC trying to act quickly
The Tigr APC is the main anti-air/reconnaissance vehicle used by Russia and is a heavier counterpart to the Halftrack used by other Soviet factions.

Official description

The Tigr APC is the Russian counterpart to the standard Halftrack. Although the main armament has not changed much in comparison, the Tigr is much better armored, and thus slower, than the Halftrack. This makes the unit an effective support vehicle for Russian Wolfhounds, and a better defensive option against heavier air threats. Its lower speed, however, does not make the Tigr APC less of an effective transport, as it can carry one more passenger than that of the Halftrack.[1]


The Tigr APC is the Russian variant to the standard Halftrack. Armed with a heavier anti-infantry machine gun and a flak cannon that deals splash damage to air units, the Tigr APC is better armored and slower than the Halftrack. Along with its stronger stats, the Tigr also can carry up to three infantry, as opposed to the two the Halftrack can, making it both a more effective transport and supporting unit. Since Russia's only other main anti-air is the Wolfhound, Tigrs can remain useful in dealing with air threats in places where its flying cousin would be at the mercy of any strong anti-air, especially base defences.

Despite having higher armor value than the Halftrack, The Tigr APC still suffers from low passenger survival rate. It won't last long against anti-armor infantry, vehicles, tanks and building. It's also slower than the Halftrack.


Act One


  • Good against infantry and aircraft.
  • Can transport three infantry units.
  • More durable than Halftracks.
  • Can fire on the move.
  • Flak cannons deal splash damage to aircraft.
  • Great escorts for defending against air and infantry harassment.

  • Not very effective against tanks and structures.
  • Easy to kill with anti-armor weapons.
  • Low passenger survivability rate.
  • Cannot crush infantry.


  • Tigr means "tiger" in Russian.

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