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The second facility, a Thor Gunship production site has been located by the Soviets. The Allies are working on a new prototype of Thor that poses a major threat to the Soviets.
—Mission description

Operation: Thunder God is the sixth Soviet cooperative mission.

This mission is part of 3 coordinated Soviet attacks in an attempt to destroy the Allies' research facilities, and also the only appearance of the Super Thor Gunships, the ill-fated would-be Allied epic unit.


Intel tells us that the Allied Thor production facilities are located here. These special Thors seem to have been outfitted with new high-powered weaponry. Destroy the experimental Thors and War Factories before they begin mass production.

Objective 1: Destroy all Super Thors and Allied War Factories.


Initial assault

Two Russian troops were on standby near the second SteinsTech research facility, and Volkov and Chitzkoi also arrived with four Apocalypse Tanks. Upon arrival, the intelligence indicated that a portion of the nearby Thor Gunships seemed to be outfitted by some kind of high-powered weaponry, so the two commanders became careful.

After receiving two infantry reinforcements, the two commanders began to capture some of the nearby technology buildings, including Tech Machine Shop, Tech Artillery Bunkers and Tech SAM Bunkers.

Find the way to destroy Super Thors

When the base developed to a certain extent, the two commanders began to carefully test the way to destroy this Super Thor Gunship. Their base didn't expand too far - Super Thor would use 360mm cannons like Battleship to quickly destroy everything underneath it, including the Tech SAM Bunkers, which tried to shoot it down, but were destroyed.

They didn't decide to use the large Flak Troopers against Super Thors in the first place because they had some regular Thor Gunships guards nearby and could quickly kill a large number of infantry using the Mjölnir beacon. When they used a lot of Wolfhounds, the Super Thor fired a number of missiles similar to the Aegis Cruiser and destroyed the Wolfhounds.

The two commanders could only change option at this time: let Apocalypse Tanks and a large number of Tigr APCs destroy it. Because the two commanders sent these air vehicles directly under Super Thor, the 360mm cannon could not be aimed at them, causing Super Thor to be shot down. After that, they used the same method to shoot down another Super Thor Gunship.

Destroy the rest of facilities

At this point the Allies still had a Super Thor Gunship, which was located inside the base. The two commanders also received another reinforcement: more Apocalypse Tanks and an extra MCV. They sent most of their troops to the bridgehead to defend the Allied attack units, and at the same time built as many Kirov Airships as possible to directly destroy the War Factories of the Allied base. They try to avoid letting the ground forces launch attacks on those War Factories, because the Allies here have Charon Tanks.

The ground forces found the opportunity to destroy the last Super Thor Gunship and the Kirov Airships finally destroyed all War Factories after several rounds of attack.


Super Thor Gunships was eventually destroyed, plans for the development of super units owned by the Allies fell and the Super Thor project had not been restarted for a long time. The Allies took a disadvantage in this link.

On the other hand, the Soviet army’s attack on Germany had finally made progress. Chinese troops from Bohemia have broken through the Jizera Mountains’ Allied defense and were advancing towards the Black Forest – where the SteinsTech’s third research facility were. At the same time, the Russian army also managed to attack this place from the direction of Fort Dukem. Someone was the key to the success of this mission...

Difficulty changes


  • Starting credits: 50000
  • Some of enemy forces will be removed.


  • Starting credits: 40000


  • Starting credits: 35000
  • The Tech Concrete Bunkers near players' bases and some Tech SAM Bunkers at the central region will be removed.
  • Some tech structures is controlled by the enemy initially.

Easter egg

The Allied experiments seem to have caused an unusual lightning activity in the area. You have somehow harnessed the lightning. Use it as an Overcharge for your units.

Reach the island hit by lightning found in the bottom left corner to receive a free, one-time use of the Overcharge support power. Only Player 2 may use this support power, even if Player 1 triggered the easter egg.