• As the bureaucrat of MO APYR Wiki, I'd like to say something to you.

    Isol-IIID had told me that you're making changes that are mostly unnecessary and he also said that you did not show respect towards him when he questions your edits.

    Just to let you know, there's a user with similar attitude, Arya Snow, and they were once an admin too, but I had to relieve him from that position because he is not helping.

    Since I've heard that you're one of Mentalmeisters' new testers, I don't want to be harsh, but please behave yourselves and always made a justification and consensus before making any changes. Otherwise I won't give any special treatment and apply the wiki's punishment policies to you.

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    • Greetings.

      Would you like to elaborate on what "making changes that are mostly unnecessary" means here? It is true that Isol-IIID posted on my wall once some time ago, but he then deleted the post for some reasons. I'm not sure what made him feel disrespected.

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    • According to his communique, one of which is including Snipers and Navy SEALs on Paranoia, which is mostly trivial since they have little to no role in the mission's gameplay. He also considers you to be arrogant and overbearing in a conversation, perhaps that's why he deleted the post.

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    • In the case of Paranoia, while those enemy Allied units don't have much of an effect on the gameplay, they are a major Easter Egg/reference as mentioned in the Trivia section of the page. I thought they were worth-mentioning for that reason.

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    • Then you'd better explain your reasoning to Isol-IIID, but remember to be polite and respectful.

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    • A FANDOM user
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