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Valhalla shall stand!
—Thor Gunship

The Thor Gunship is a heavy attack/support gunship used by European Alliance. It can destroy enemies by generating lightning strikes out of nowhere and boost the defensive capabilities of friendly ground troops.

Official description

The Thor is the most impressive unit in the European arsenal. Created by a small, independent arms developer associated with Siegfried in the past, the Thor has become the flagship of the European armed forces, often seen on the battlefield where the European Alliance sets its military might on full display. Its on-board 'Mjölnir' conduction drones can be chronoshifted outside the Gunship at small ranges create lightning bolts out of thin air at the locations marked by the Thor with laser pointers. The bolts will then vaporize infantry and heavily damaging aircraft within a radius, while the drones instantly vanish.

The Gunship also acts as a command unit in the field, as it is authorized to order personnel on the ground to divert to defensive tactics for a limited time. This makes the Thor a welcome sight to all Allied forces, the mere sight of it enough to instill awe in any soldier.[1]


A Thor Gunship deploying its loudspeakers to friendly ground troops, increasing armor while reducing speed

The Thor Gunship is one of the Euro Alliance's Tier 3 units and is the only subfaction-exclusive Tier 3 aircraft of the Allies, equipped with "Mjölnir" beacon and loudspeaker. The beacon can strike enemy infantry and air units by generating small lightning, so the Thor Gunship can be used to attack some infantry regiments without anti air capabilities. In addition, the clustered Thor Gunship has a considerable impact on production buildings, although the high cost makes it difficult to assemble sufficient scale of Thors.

Despite the thick armor, Thor Gunships should try to avoid confrontation with enemy air defense armor units and avoid air defense buildings as they also have slow speed. It is also worth noting that the deployed Thor Gunship can change the operational posture of nearby ground forces – slow down the pace and improve their defense capabilities. The commander of the Euro Alliance can use this to gain certain advantages in the defensive battle.

AI behavior

The AI does not use the Thor's deploy ability, so it uses an exclusive variant that lacks said ability to reflect this.


The Euro Alliance's Thor teleports drones that focus lightning strikes on enemy objects. Its pilots also have the authority to order nearby units to assume defensive positions.
—Allied intel during Operation: Sunlight

Act One

  • Thor Gunship first appears in Idle Gossip as an enemy.
  • Thor Gunship is introduced and first buildable in Sunlight.


  • Chronologically, 2 Thor Gunships can be first controllable by the 1st player in Attack on Buggy.


  • Effective against infantry and aircraft.
  • Lightning deals splash damage in a target area.
  • Excellent counter to clusters of air units, like Wolfhounds and Buzzards.
  • Decent against lightly armored vehicles and structures.
  • Can deploy to give nearby friendly units and infantry strong armor buff.
  • Can receive firepower boost when near a Lightning Rod.
  • Very durable.
  • Can fire on the move.
  • Can self-repair.
  • Unless in massed groups, it is not very effective against heavily armored vehicles or defensive structures with heavy armor (e.g. Bunkers, Flak Cannons)
  • Armor buff slows affected units and stops the Thor Gunship from firing while in effect.
  • Vulnerable against heavy anti-air fire.
  • Fairly slow.

Behind the scenes

  • The Thor Gunship's voiceover was originally recorded for a namesake in Atomic_Noodles's Colony Wars and offered to Mental Omega at a later point (alongside the voiceover which became the Speeder Trike's).
    • Before it receives the current voiceover, the Thor Gunship used autocannons instead of the storm generator which are visible on the pre-v3.3.5 voxel artwork.


  • In Norse mythology, Thor is a god associated with thunder, lightning, storms, strength and protection.
    • Thor's hammer, Mjölnir, is also the name of the gunship's weapon.
  • The Thor Gunship's design is based on the Dropship from Aliens.