The Third Great War or GWIII, also known as Third World War or WWIII, was a global war that lasted for most of 1982, beginning when the Soviet Union, led by Russia - along with the Latin Confederation and China - invading the United States of America, as well as Europe, with support from the Russian-created PsiCorps, a mysterious group led by Yuri who employed mind control and manipulation to assist in the war. Opposing the Soviet Union were the Allied Nations, a loosely aligned military alliance consisting of the USA, European Alliance and the Pacific Front.

Despite the best efforts of the Allied Nations, who for a while seemed to be turning the tide, the Soviet Union was able to eventually win the war with the usage of their deadly nuclear arsenal, taking control over all of North America and all of continental Europe, with the British Isles still under Allied control. In addition, Russia was successful in defeating a Chinese/Pacific Front coalition that attempted to usurp their position as leader of the Soviet Union, while Yuri's PsiCorps was successful in advancing their goals.


Forty years have passed since the Allies won the Second Great War and killed Josef Stalin. In that meantime, the Allies have elected a puppet governor, Premier Alexander Romanov (rumored to be a distant cousin of Tsar Nicholas II), to keep relations between the Allied Nations and the Soviet Union stable. While it was successful at first, things started to nosedive since the appointment of a mysterious man called Yuri as Romanov's chief advisor. The Allies began to suffer across the world. Due to political pressure, the Allies were forced to retreat their forces from Russian territory. China, Mexico and most of South America had turned to communism while all contact with the American intelligence network in Asia was mysteriously lost.

The final result culminates in March 8th, 1982, with Romanov's declaration of war against the United States and massive Soviet invasion forces attacking from both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. Alongside these fleets, The Latin Confederation also pushed up through Mexico, nearing the American border each day. The US would've just used their most capable deterrent, the Peacekeeper ICBM network, to fend off these threats to its coasts & borders. However, it was disabled under unknown circumstances (Unknown to them, PsiCorps troopers infiltrated the facilities where the Peacekeeper silos were kept and destroyed them from within. The agents soon committed suicide to avoid the Americans from linking the evidence together).

As shots began to be fired across both Western and Eastern seaboards, the American forces desperately rally to safeguard Washington D.C. from an incoming Soviet assault, knowing that both the Pentagon and White House are vulnerable. Elsewhere in the Eastern United States, a top class Soviet General was tasked with destroying American forces and occupying New York City.



Through the confrontation between the Allies and the Soviets, and the later the struggle of Russo-Latin with Sino-Pacific Alliance, the Third Great War ended in the Russo-Latin victory, and the United Kingdom became the only base camp of the Allies.

For the Allies, their main forces in UK were still have the ability to develop the Paradox Project while their rebel powers outside UK were only in some parts of the United States and France at this time, while the Pacific Front had only a small anti-China forces headed by Tomokawa Norio, and the remaining troops were following China before the chaos in Korea, and their counterattack plan failed after the incident, then they had been suppressed by China since then.

For the Soviet Union, Russo-Latin accidentally discovered China's rebellion but Russia still succeeded the position of the actual leader of the Soviet Union by virtue of their rapid response, and the Chinese decided not to launch invasion again due to the Russian MIDAS threat. But actually, the Russian's nuclear power was running low and they had no more MIDAS, only keeping some empty Topol-M platforms, the rule of Soviet Russia had become increasingly unstable over time. Russia also pretended to be unaware of Yuri's rebellion in Leninsk and acquiesced the various activities that PsiCorps did in order to gain their trust.

In addition, there were still some minor conflicts around the world after the war, but no one would realize that a psychic empire had been slowly growning up...