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The deed is done. What previously seemed unbelievable has now become a dreadful reality. With the combined efforts of the remnants of the free world, an endeavor to forge a path that might lead to a better, but distant future is made. The end of this story could be a beginning of another.
—Mission description

Operation: The Remnant is the sixth and final Foehn Origins campaign mission.


Unbeknownst to Us, in the moment We have assumed to be a certain defeat, the Allies fighting in the Antarctic have bought Us the time We needed to set the grounds for a safe haven they would require shortly after. The Americans of Point Hope, once freed, have against all odds and interferences in the South Pole managed to contact the Allied forces at the Epsilon HQ and through Special Agent Tanya convinced them to cooperate with Us in this darkest hour.

As We assessed, they have suffered a defeat and destruction of their Paradox Engine, but not before they managed to heavily damage what they describe as Yuri's Tower. It is exactly the heart of his worldwide mind control, rapidly growing through the network of Psychic Beacons and Amplifiers around the world, the power of which We have already briefly felt here in Alaska. In his last moments before the Tower's activation, the German scientist Siegfried made the call to use an old Chronosphere to transport the Paradox Engine here. After a short inspection it would seem its own teleportation device has been rendered unusable in battle, but its key weapon, the Time Freeze systems, are still functional. Together with the brightest minds of scientists and engineers now gathered at Point Hope, the Revolt's Council has come to a conclusion and We concur: the immobilized Engine is no longer usable for combat and will not hold for long. Without the Chronosphere We have no direct way to counterattack now. Thus, We must focus on Our survival. Siegfried's notes provided by Tanya have suggested a method he named the Foehn Theory. We have projected a path to its success: once the broken elements of the Paradox Engine are fixed, We will overload its time manipulation circuits and isolate Point Hope from Yuri's world for as long as We can, until We are ready to fight him again.


The Preparation

24 hours have elapsed since the Allied's Paradox Engine Wreckage teleported to the Point Hope Fortress, and the Revolt and Allied remnants have simply redeployed Point Hope's production and defense facilities. The members of the Council assembled on the square in front of the fortress and gave orders to VOLKNET and the soldiers: before the Tower's control effect re-approaches to the fortress, cover all the transports and the Reclamation Bays used for repairing the Paradox Engine Wreckage, and gave the command of defense to VOLKNET and its subroutines. After completing a quick analysis of the situation, VOLKNET and its subroutines quickly dispatched the troops assembled in the square to guard the entrance of the fortress. Yunru, Rashidi and a team of technicians entered the Paradox Engine to start the repair work, while Tanya moved to the the outermost part of the American base to guard. During the initial preparation, Rashidi activated a train transport system within the fortress to prepare enough repair materials.

Under the development of engineers racing against time, VOLKNET received two MCV blueprints when deploying some soldiers to defend some weak positions, which means that the Revolt can produce MCVs to expand production facilities and defenses at will in this battle. However, it didn't take long for the first of Epsilon's invading troops and their mind-controlled puppets to appear on the outer line of defense on the left side of the fortress.

The Delivery

Though the Revolt was fully capable of resisting the enemy's attack with troops already deployed around the fortress in the early stages of battle, Epsilon had no intention of stopping at all, and sent a large number of attacking troops to the right and front to attack the Revolt's deployment. In order to keep the transport and Reclamation Bays safe while preserving the outer garrison as much as possible, VOLKNET decided to defend some key positions with a large number of air units such as Rocketeers and advanced vehicles such as the Future Tanks X-0. However, the enemy's attack became more and more fierce, and some of the outermost defenders had lost their positions under the continuous attack of Epsilon. Epsilon then tried to send mind-controlled puppets in these captured areas to build additional bases to cooperate with the established main base at the opposite side of the fortress, to continue the attack.

While commanding the operation, VOLKNET received production rights to the Mercury Network Uplink and the Shield Command restored by logistics members, allowing the Revolt to use additional means to continue the defense of the fortress. Among them, the former was a technology that Pacific Front has been quietly keeping, but the Allies found that they have lost their connection to the Mercury Satellite again; and the latter's permission was restored from a badly damaged database inside the Paradox Engine, but with few unlocked objects: it could no longer provide any production rights of cutting-edge chrono technology weapons.

As Epsilon's tactics to ambush the core zone of the fortress such as sending Drillers to attack the central square, dispatching airborne troops were basically all effectively prevented by VOLKNET's troops, the maintenance of the Paradox Engine by the engineers was carried out in an orderly manner, and the estimated countdown of preparing all fixing materials was gradually reduced to zero. However, another wave from the Tower was about to come.

One Final Chance

Seeing that the Revolt was about to complete the train delivery of repair materials, a wave from the Tower hit. This wave was stronger and more durable than any control wave encountered by the Allies or the Revolt before - it caused almost all the defense lines outside the fortress to be taken away by the enemy, and even a small number of facilities inside the fortress fell to the enemy control. The Revolt's heavy defenses were quickly torn apart by the endless raids and the Tower's effect. Tanya also fell during the battle on the front line and returned to the barracks in the core area to rest in order to be able to return to the battlefield after a period of time.

The situation took a turn for the worse, causing VOLKNET to carefully analyze how to direct the battle. The Revolt then focused all defenses on the Wreckage and the Heavy Kamazs and transporting materials from the Reclamation Bays far from the railroad. After the initial repairs to the Wreckage were completed, the Revolt gained the ability to activate the temporary Time Freeze, but doing so would extend the recharge time of the Wreckage, which was already over twenty hours. To this end, VOLKNET has made a prudent decision to launch it only when the Wreckage is in crisis.

The fewer and fewer lines of defense made the Revolt more and more difficult to handle. Fortunately, thanks to the excellent mobility and firepower output of the air force and some armored units, they were able to retain many Reclamation Bays and Heavy Kamazs, so that the recharge of the wreckage was completed. Time is getting shorter and shorter.

It seemed that the subsequent waves from the Tower were also getting stronger, meaning that the longer the Revolt drags on, the worse it will be. Luckily, as many Reclamation Bays and Heavy Kamazs left behind as possible helped a lot to decrease the countdown for the Revolt to activate a special overload Time Freeze. Eventually the Revolt was able to complete the Wreckage's recharge before the fortress was completely lost.


Our last line of defense has not been broken - united, the remnants of many nations managed to resist Yuri's assault long enough for the scientists' work to be finished. The Time Freeze will protect Our new home, as We ready Ourselves to face the cataclysm ahead.
—Situation assessment

As the continued Epsilon onslaught began to overwhelm the remaining defenders and another wave of psychic energy arrived from the Mental Omega Device, Yunru at the behest of Tanya noting just how close the Epsilon troops were getting to the Engine, finally activated the Engine's repaired and overcharged time circuits, emitting a blue temporal distortion wave that froze all hostile troops in time and isolated a large area around Point Hope from the rest of the planet, shielding it from the effects of Yuri's Tower and ending the engagement in a decisive victory for the fledgling revolt.

A time distortion has been activated before another wave of massive mind control catches

In the weeks that followed the battle, the combined remnants of the Allied Expeditionary force led by Tanya, General Carville's Point Hope garrison, Rashidi and the Scorpion Cell defectors, and the Chinese/Pacific Front troops loyal to Yunru would all continue to work together against all odds to rebuild Point Hope into a last bastion against Epsilon. Nobody is certain for how long the Paradox Engine's systems can remain operational, as it is certain hostilities will resume once the temporal distortion fades.

The outlying outposts around the main base would be rebuilt alongside new Nanocentrifuges as the combined technical expertise of the remnants continued to develop new technologies to hopefully prevail against Epsilon when they confront them again, first among them being a new MCV design which is deployed in front of the Paradox Engine wreckage and shelter for the remnants of the world. Though Tanya lamented being trapped in the cold of Alaska for the foreseeable future, Yunru responded by being hopeful that "warmer winds are yet to come" and that a day will come when this new alliance will take the fight to the Epsilon. The Allies may have been defeated at large by the Epsilon Army but in its last bastion at Point Hope, the Foehn Revolt was born.

As Einstein quoted many decades ago shortly before the outbreak of the Second Great War, only time will tell when the Foehn Revolt will be ready to venture into the ruins of the lost world that is now almost entirely controlled by the Epsilon.

Difficulty changes


  • Starting credits: 170000
  • Less enemies will sneak attack from behind.
  • Significant reduction in enemy air forces targeting the Paradox Engine Wreckage.
  • Epsilon forces will not build Psychic Dominators.
  • Mind-controlled Soviet forces will not build Tactical Nuke Silos.
  • All tech buildings start controlled by the player.
  • Psychic Waves from the Mental Omega Device get stronger over time, initially last 30 seconds and each time 15 seconds longer than the previous impact, capping at 90 seconds.


  • Starting credits: 120000
  • Enemy AI will utilize support abilities for offense or harassing.
  • Epsilon forces will build Psychic Dominators, one at each base, with their cooldown lengthened to 20:00.
  • Mind-controlled Soviet forces will build Tactical Nuke Silos, one at each base, with their cooldown lengthened to 20:00.
  • All tech buildings start neutral.
  • Psychic Waves from the Mental Omega Device get stronger over time, initially last 45 seconds and each time 15 seconds longer than each previous impact, capping at 90 seconds.


  • Starting credits: 100000
  • Friendly forces' production and retaliate strength decreased.
  • Enemy AI will frequently utilize support abilities for offense or harassing.
  • Epsilon forces will build Psychic Dominators, one at each base.
  • Mind-controlled Soviet forces will build Tactical Nuke Silos, one at each base.
  • All tech buildings start neutral.
  • Psychic Waves from the Mental Omega Device get stronger over time, initially last 60 seconds and each time 15 seconds longer than each previous impact, capping at 90 seconds.

Easter eggs


Collect all 9 MBTs through capturing and reverse-engineering of Epsilon Elites can unlock an early Bison Tank prototype.

List MBTs to Collect.

Behind the scenes

  • Previously this mission was supposed to be the third mission of the Origins campaign until Tainted Empire was added in Version 3.3.3 and made it the fourth mission. Later in Version 3.3.4, The Great Beyond was added and Vanishing Point was planned to be the fifth mission.
    • This mission is previously named Vision... (Vision of a Distant Future in the game files).
  • The ending of the epilogue was inspired by a promotional video from 2015 that showcases the Foehn MCV.[1]


  • The location featured in the teaser image resemsbles the layout of Polar Storm, the Soviet finale taking place in Point Hope, Alaska, USA in Red Alert 2.
    • The seventh Epsilon mission from version 2.0, Frozen Candles, also reuses Polar Storm's partial layout, and similar background settings.
  • The Remnant shares its name with a Foehn music track.
  • The soundtrack that plays at the beginning of the mission is Land of No Justice by World Beyond Soundtracks.
  • The soundtrack that plays after the first visible influence of the Mental Omega Device is Revolt by World Beyond Soundtracks.