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The Council is the leader group of the Foehn Revolt, consisted by multiple members including Yunru, Rashidi, General Carville and Tanya.


The Council's history of establishment can be traced back to the Third Great War. Someone began to think about the way back after suffering an accident on the wrong road; Someone made up the mind to take the initiative to fight the enemy hidden behind the scenes after witnessing their madness; while someone, after surviving the great failure from the previous fight, moved to another place to continue the mission. These members came together in the convergence of haphazard and necessity, to fight a common enemy.

The Council is formally established in the middle of the Mental Omega War, when Yunru's team faced an imminent double strangulation by the Soviets and the Epsilon Army; Rashidi was shaken by recognizing the Epsilon Army's crazy "Creation" to play for and soon gave up following Yuri. Since the establishment of the Council, the Revolt under its guidance has successively carried out many operations from withdrawing from Kashmir to transferring to Point Hope Fortress and jointly with the Allied forces which shifted to this place to fight against the Epsilon aggression, until the Revolt's "Foehn Theory" experimented successfully, to protect the Last Bastion for a sufficiently long period. After successfully defending the Point Hope fortress, the Revolt introduced General Carville and Tanya from the Allies to the Council, and held an intelligence sharing session among the members one day to prepare for a future counteroffensive.