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Yuri wants to bait the European forces with a Psychic Amplifier construction in Rome. As the city is currently controlled by Russian forces, they must submit to Yuri's will.
—Mission description

Operation: The Cardinal is the sixth Epsilon cooperative mission.


The time has come to provoke the Allies hiding in the London Fortress into action. The U.S. Commander, who has given the Soviets plenty of trouble, still resides in it. We'll force them to make their move by constructing a Psychic Amplifier in Rome. The Russians continue to resist us, but they are but a tiny obstacle here. We'll show them they are no match to us. This strike force should be enough to clear the area around St. Peter's Basilica for the construction of the device. Russian forces are patrolling the city. Garrison the buildings to gain advantage. Do not fail. We will send more forces soon.

Objective 1 & 2: Destroy the defenses around Basilica and the Stalin's Fist.

Objective 3: Defend the Psychic Amplifier until it's activated.


Capture the St. Peter's Square

Several Lasher Tanks, Gatling Tanks with Initiates and Archers went across the road in the south and started their action. These infantry occupied buildings in the city to defend the Epsilon forces for more damage. They avoided a Russian base with full of Tesla Coils and Tech Cannon Bunkers, even the Drakuv Prison Vehicles and Apocalypse Tanks. During their detour, some Borillos and Viruses joined them and the Scorpion Cell provided some Speeder Trikes to the invasion forces. Arrived at the square, PsiCorps destroyed the Stalin's Fist first, as an urgent threat to deal with.

Protecting the Psychic Amplifier

Destroying a silo that Russians built on the square, PsiCorps built their amplifier immediately instead. Next, two proselytes used Paradrop and Risen Inferno to supply their task forces defending the Amplifier. Later, the Scorpion Cell provided Oxidizers to make the invading Kirov Airships fragile so that anti-air units could shoot them down easier. A first Mastermind which was prepared to join the war in Europe arrived while Soviets were often paradropping their tanks at two sides of St. Peter's Basilica Church as the ambush to Psychic Amplifier. After the recharge was completed, all Soviets were mind controlled and later, two Psychic Beacon were built.


After Rome was conquered by Yuri, he believed that the great commander of Allies would rush to Rome and make a counterattack to this amplifier to protect their London Fortress from mind-control. The first goal about fighting against Allies was reached.

Difficulty changes


  • 4 Borillos will be sent to the 1st player: two at the beginning, one after destroying defenses at bottom right island and one when approaching St. Peter's square.
  • 3 more Epsilon Adepts will be given to the 2nd player.


  • The 1st player has no Borillos.
  • 3 more Epsilon Adepts will be given to the 2nd player.


  • The 1st player has no Borillos.
  • More enemy guards will appear on the map.
  • The Soviets will paradrop some Terror Drones when receiving reinforcements after approaching St.Peter's Square or approaching Tesla Reactors near square.
  • More enemy reinforcements will be sent during protecting Psychic Amplifier.

Easter egg

This Borillo pilot looked like he was having fun. Too bad it didn't last long.

Destroy a Borillo that's spinning around can get a healing crate.