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2,000 volts coming up!
—A Tesla Trooper before giving "shock therapy"

The Tesla Trooper is a Soviet anti-tank infantry that can also take on enemy infantry.

Official description

The Tesla Trooper is an important part of every Soviet infantry division, making full use of the advances in tesla technology, and thus maintaining his position as one of the Soviets best anti-tank troopers. The thick insulative armor provides protection from tank treads and dog bites as well, making the Tesla Trooper even more durable. A recent development is the coil charger, which allows troopers to charge a friendly Tesla Coil, allowing the Coil to remain online without grid power and increasing its lethality.[1]


For a detailed list of changes from the original game, click here.

Making a return from Red Alert 2, Tesla Troopers stand as the Soviets' strong infantry answer to enemy tank divisions. While slow, these units are reasonably tough, having a larger health pool than many of their comparative infantry, with strong armor that keeps them from being crushed or killed by dogs and spooks. Coupled with their relatively strong attack, they make a strong supporting unit for taking on enemy armored divisions.

Outside of direct combat, Tesla Troopers have extra utility on the battlefield as detectors and as Tesla Coil boosters. Tesla Troopers have a decent detection range, which can allow them to scope out hidden Epsilon threats, although their poor speed means that they should be keep faster units nearby to respond the speedier stealth units.

When positioned near a Tesla Coil, the trooper will start sending his energy to the tower, increasing its damage output, just as in the original game. Unlike the original game, a pair of troopers take this effect to the next level, giving it the ability to stun enemy tanks (and any other units vulnerable to EMP like Foehn infantry) as they come in range, while keeping it active even when on low power.

The Tesla Trooper is not the end all of infantry on the ground. While strong, troopers can't quickly deal with enemy infantry unless massed, and their poor firerate means they'll struggle if they're swarmed. Their relatively slow movement makes them easy prey for faster enemies, especially strong anti-infantry units that hold a range or speed advantage over them. The power suits they wear make them vulnerable to magnetic weapons, giving PsiCorps an edge over them.


Act One


  • Effective against armored vehicles.
  • Decent against infantry and structures.
  • Cannot be crushed by normal vehicles.
  • Immune to Dogs and Spooks.
  • Decent firepower and armor.
  • Can detect cloaked and submerged enemies.
  • Using Overcharge on Tesla Trooper can temporarily increase its firepower.
  • Charging a Tesla Coil can strengthen its firepower.
  • Multiple Tesla Troopers can make a Tesla Coil remain online without power and add an EMP effect on its attacks.
  • Fairly slow rate of fire.
  • Mediocre attack range.
  • Weak against anti-infantry weapons.
  • Vulnerable to magnetic weapons.

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