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The Tesla Reactor is one of the Soviets' most important structures, which provides power for their bases, though it is less efficient when compared to other power plants and eventually overshadowed by the superior Nuclear Reactors.

Official description

Tesla Reactors are generators that produce a regenerative feedback loop of electricity that provides cheap, renewable energy to Soviet bases. An electricity current is created and stored in the large containment orb. When the amount of energy exceeds the containment capacity point, a breakdown occurs with the energy discharging to the base, which generates the vivid display of an energy arc and creates a new energy current. Although this makes the Tesla Reactor cost effective, it produces the least amount of overall power compared to other sources.[1]


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The Tesla Reactor is the Soviet's basic power plant. Its cheap cost and short construction time allows it to be constructed in large numbers easily.

However it produces the least amount of power in the game and does not have power boosting capabilities. Like all power plants, spies can infiltrate it, shutting the power, disabling defenses and slowing production time.


Act One

  • The Tesla Reactor first appears as a buildable structure in Bleed Red alongside other Soviet buildings, at the beginning of the Third Great War.

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