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The Tesla Coil is the Soviets' advanced anti-ground defense structure that can be powered by Tesla Troopers to improve its effectiveness.

Official description

Soviet Tesla Coils have always brought hesitation and sometimes even fear to even the most hardened of Allied soldiers. Men reduced to ash in the blink of an eye and tanks ripped apart by powerful discharges of pure electricity makes commanders of all factions wary of this potent base defense. The Tesla Coil has been redesigned to allow Tesla Troopers to lend additional charge to the coil, making its arcs even more powerful, and even allowing it to function without base power.[1]


Tesla Coil firing a more potent bolt due to charging Tesla Troopers. A charged Tesla Coil destroys an Abrams Tank in 2 hits when normally it would have taken 3.

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Tesla Coil is the Soviet advanced Tier 2 defense. Like most Tier 2 defenses, they are effective against any ground threat be it infantry or vehicles. While the Tesla Coil isn't as powerful as their counterparts, they make up for their ability to be charged by Soviet Tesla Troopers (a player can do so by ordering the Tesla Trooper to force fire, or Ctrl + Mouse1, at the Tesla Coil) that results in special benefits. If one Tesla Trooper is charging it, its damage output increases and gains the ability to emit EMP effect to any mechanical or robotic unit. If two are charging it, it becomes capable of working in low power (but still counts towards power consumption). while three Tesla Troopers will increase its firepower even in low power. The Tesla Troopers can charge it from inside vehicles. Russia can also boost its power by using Overcharge on it as well.

However, like most defenses, it is vulnerable to long range and siege units. They are also ineffective against large numbers due to their slow firing rate. They also cannot attack air units. They can be quite expensive to maintain as Tesla Troopers are necessary to improve each Tesla Coil's capability.


Our next generation of Tesla Coils will protect the outpost while you're busy.
—Soviet intel during Operation: Peace Treaty

Act One

Special Ops

  • In the first phase of Time Capsule, all Tesla Coils in the Epsilon facility are reliant on Tesla Troopers for them to remain active. Yunru is able to hack these Tesla Coils so they can be controlled and used against the Epsilon forces. However, enemy Engineers will respond by recapturing hacked Tesla Coils. If 12 captured Tesla Coils are owned by the player, an easter egg will be granted.

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