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The Terror Drone is, as its name suggests, a Soviet drone used to terrorize enemies by tearing a vehicle from the inside out, although they can also be useful in reconnaissance duties.

Official description

Terror Drones are blindingly fast robots no larger than a normal foot soldier. Ironically, the smallest unit in the Soviet arsenal is also one of the most fear-inducing. Its razor sharp cutting devices allow it to rip through both armor plating and flesh like a hot knife through butter. The drones are excellent anti-armor weapons as only special repair units can remove a drone from an infected vehicle. Due to their robotic nature, they are also immune to mind control and chemical/nuclear hazards, making them a threat to both the Allies and Epsilon. It is not a rare sight to see panicking commanders order their own vehicles to destroy infected friendlies in order to destroy the Terror Drone within.

Although Terror Drones are quick and deadly, they are much more susceptible to small arms fire and aerial attacks than the average vehicle. Luckily, Terror Drones are small enough to enter transports whenever necessary to give enemies of the Soviet cause a nasty surprise.[1]


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The Terror Drone has always been a thorn for the Allied side in the original Red Alert 2 and it's back for vengeance not only against the Allies but also the Epsilon, Foehn, and rogue Soviet armies as well. Cheap and deadly, it can be a force to be reckoned with. Terror Drones are extremely fast and excel against any vehicle in the game. Once the drone infects a vehicle, it will rip them apart from the inside till it is destroyed. Once destroyed, this automaton will emerge from the wreckage of its victim and find a new target to infect. A single drone can decimate an entire tank division without any way of retaliation or slowly destroying any miner around if not left attended by the opposing commander. Due to its size, some weapons are not effective against it (especially tank shells, which they can easily evade if they keep on moving) making them a prime target to players that should not be ignored.

Terror Drones aren't just lethal against vehicles or tanks but infantry as well. A single attack will instantly kill almost any infantry including Brutes and Foehn infantry and no matter what the size or health it has. The few exceptions are Volkov, Cyborg Vanguards, the Cyborg Commando and the Space Commando, against which it has to resort using its claws, greatly reducing the efficiency. Due to its robotic nature, it is immune to mind-control, hijacking, poison, and radiation. They are also capable of detecting spies as well making them an effective scout unit. Its size also allow them to enter Halftracks or Tigrs whenever necessary to give enemies of the Soviet Union a nasty surprise.

The Terror Drone is not without its weaknesses. They are extremely fragile and small arms fire can easily destroy them. Should it parasitize any vehicles, the opponent can remove it by either repair operations or by destroying its host (via force fire or sending it into a horde of enemies), which destroys the robot itself in the process. Terror Drones are useless against air units (unless they are grounded) and buildings. It also cannot detect stealth in contrast to its counterparts of other factions (Robot Tank and Stinger).

Russian generals have an additional option to summon two of these robotic menaces via the Terror Drop support power once a Palace is established on the battlefield. This trick up their sleeve is particularly effective in surprise ambushes against enemy divisions that lack repair units and the appropriate weaponry that can destroy the drones themselves quickly enough.

AI behavior

The AI has the ability to create Terror Drones in hold fire mode without needing to switch modes first.

Terror Drones controlled by the AI have the following attack patterns:

All difficulties

  • Russiaicon.png 2x targeting anything, accompanied by 4 Attack Dogs and Chitzkoi
  • 2x targeting anything
  • 2x following friendlies
  • 2x guarding Iron Guard, accompanied by 2 Rhino/Jaguar/Qilin Tanks and 2 Tesla Cruisers, Catastrophe Tanks or Nuwa Cannons


  • 2x targeting ore miners
  • 2x targeting vehicles or infantry
    • This task force may be accompanied by 2 additional Terror Drones
    • This task force will only be constructed if a Nuclear Reactor is not built
  • 4x targeting anything (hold fire mode)
    • The AI will use Invulnerability, Irradiation Beta/Gamma on this task force
    • The AI will switch to its default auto attack mode before attacking
    • If available, Rage and Shadow Ring may also be applied


  • Chinaicon.png 2x targeting anything, accompanied by 2 Qilin Tanks and 2 Dragonflies
    • This task force may be accompanied by 1 additional Dragonfly
  • Chinaicon.png 2x targeting vehicles, accompanied by 2 Nuwa Cannons and 2 Dragonflies
    • This task force may be accompanied by 1 additional Dragonfly


Leaked intel says something about a prototype robot based on Chitzkoi's body frame. It's roaming nearby. Destroying it might alert the Americans so don't, unless you have to.
—Soviet intel during Operation: Archetype

Covert Ops

  • The first Terror Drone prototype (named Drone Prototype) makes its appearance in Archetype as an enemy. It patrols the central part of the map, and emits extremely loud noises when it approaches Boris or Morales. Destroying it will alert the Allies, causing them to send in more Snipers via paradrop.

Act One


  • Kills almost all infantry instantly, including Brutes and Foehn infantry.
  • Cannot be destroyed when infecting vehicles, unless the vehicle is repaired or destroyed by another unit.
  • Extremely fast.
  • Cheap (even more so after an Industrial Plant is established) and potent in numbers.
  • Can attack grounded aircraft.
  • Immune to mind-control, hijacking, poison and radiation.
  • Good scouting unit.
  • Small enough to ride inside passenger transports (takes 2 slots).
  • Can detect and kill disguised enemies automatically.
  • Very weak armor.
  • If infected unit is repaired or destroyed by another unit, the drone will be destroyed.
  • Cannot attack air units and structures.
  • Chrono Miners can easily remove Terror Drones by teleporting.
  • Cannot infect Epsilon Ghost Miners unless their stealth is neutralized.
  • Very ineffective against Foehn Minermites as infected Minermites can easily repair one another.
  • Helpless against base defenses.
  • When applying Invulnerability from the Iron Curtain, it lasts 9 seconds shorter (equal to 36 seconds).
  • Cannot detect stealth in contrast to its counterparts of other factions (Robot Tank and Stinger).


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