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The Teratorn is Foehn's primary anti-air vehicle (actually a drone akin to the Robot Tank, Terror Drone and Stinger).

Official description

The Teratorn is Foehn's primary anti-aircraft drone. Compared to the basic anti-aircraft units of the other warring factions, it is not capable of targeting ground objects, meaning it is defenseless against tanks and infantry. Its only purpose is to target, lock on and destroy enemy air force, whenever within its range.

Teratorn's weapon is the uniquely designed 'golden rocket', which is a fast, durable and highly explosive weapon. To ensure a hit, the Teratorn will take a moment to analyze its target's movements, before firing the rocket. While it does result in a short delay before the projectile is launched, the raw firepower of such rocket is worth the time for lock-on, and the drone is still capable of targeting and firing on the move.[1]


The Teratorn serves as the Tier 1 anti-aircraft unit for all three subfactions of the Foehn Revolt. In contrast to its counterparts, it's a rather lackluster unit considering its light armor and inability to attack ground units. The delayed firing rate doesn't help either, as it means it will be unable to quickly respond effectively to faster aerial threats (such incursions should be delegated to Knightframes, preferably loaded in Jackal Racers). It is however the fastest vehicle of its category, allowing it to kite slower aircraft such as Wolfhounds and Thor Gunships.

Its slow firing rate can be somewhat compensated if it engages aircraft from within the proximity of a SODAR Array, as it will grant it a small bonus in extra damage output.

Weapon stages

The Teratorn uses a weapon cycle even though it only has a single offensive weapon. It always starts at the lock-on laser once it switches targets.

  • Stage 1: Lasts until 30 frames (2 in-game seconds). In other words, this is the lock-on stage where a laser will be targeted.
  • Stage 2: Lasts until 40 frames (2.7 in-game seconds). By the time Stage 1 ends, the Teratorn will fire a Golden Rocket then proceed to lock-on at Stage 3.
  • Stage 3: Once it has reached 50 frames (3.3 in-game seconds), the cycle will repeat back to Stage 1.

AI behavior

Teratorns controlled by the AI have the following attack patterns:

All difficulties

  • 2x following friendlies
    • This task force will only be constructed if a Cloud Piercer is built
  • 2x guarding deployed SODAR Array
  • 2x guarding Foehn Barracks, Foehn Ore Refineries and Foehn War Factories
    • This task force may be accompanied by 2 additional Teratorns
  • 2x guarding Windtraps, Foehn Ore Refineries and Foehn War Factories
    • This task force may be accompanied by 2 additional Teratorns
  • 4x targeting base threats
    • This task force will only be constructed if a Cloud Piercer is built


  • 2x guarding friendly base, accompanied by 3 Knightframes and 1 Raccoon/Hovracoon
  • 4x guarding friendly base, accompanied by 6 Knightframes


  • Effective against aircraft.
  • Can fire on the move.
  • Very fast movement speed.
  • Immune to mind-control, hijacking, poison and radiation.
  • Can receive firepower boost when near a deployed SODAR Array.
  • Defenseless against ground attacks.
  • Cannot crush infantry.
  • Needs time to lock on the target before firing, making it less effective as a response unit against faster aircraft such as Harriers.
  • Lightly armored.
  • Fragile, easy to kill with anti-armor weapons.
  • Somewhat expensive for a Tier 1 unit.


  • Teratorns are an extinct group of very large birds of prey that once lived in North America and South America from the Miocene to the Pleistocene, and were one of the largest flying birds ever known.
  • The Teratorn uses the voiceset of the Mantis in Kane's Wrath.

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