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The Allied occupation intends to launch the first Russian TV satellite into space as a sign of good will. Yuri commands his psychic troops to smuggle additional hardware onboard.
—Mission description

Operation: Television Lies is the first Epsilon cooperative mission.


The Allies are launching a TV satellite for the Russians. We will use this opportunity. Our own hardware for future ICBM control must be installed on it before the launch. WARNING - No enemy units can be killed or we will be discovered. You can however imprison enemy soldiers in these comfortable cages. Killing Dogs shouldn't be an issue, but avoid any combat with tanks.

Objective 1: Get an Engineer into the Launchpad without killing.


The comfortable cages

PsiCorps were using the opportunity after hearing Americans were launching their TV satellite for the Russians, and sent 2 PsiCorps Troopers to help install a certain hardware before the launch. Due to no any enemies were allowed to kill, the PsiCorps prepared two comfortable cages to let the mind-controlled forces come in, then PsiCorps Troopers would be possible to control other units. Also, the PsiCorps Troopers were not allowed to control vehicles because it was too risky to do so.

Later, two enemy Engineers were targeted, but the two proselytes decided to just control only one of them after they found a old Heli Pad near the Rocket Launch Bay.

Then the western PsiCorps Trooper controlled a GI, and ordered him to enter their cage while the other controlled the Engineer.


Since killing the Attack Dogs would not attract the attention of the Allies, the team easily sneaked into Rocket Launch Bay's base and had the flexibility to escape the guards whom patrolling the base. The Engineer captured the Barracks next to Rocket Launch Bay, and then the Proselyte who controlled the previous Engineer trained another Engineer and sold the Old Heli Pad. Finally, the Engineer captured the rocket and the mission was completed.


After the completion of the covert operation in Baikonur, It is not known how long it time has passed. Russia began to appear in various uprising activities against the American rulers, which caused even more American occupying forces to withdraw from the Russian territory.

In fact, the hardware installed on the satellite in this operation is the Soviet MIDAS guidance system - the secret development of nuclear weapons is also one of their preparations for restoration in the decade before the Third Great War.

Difficulty changes


  • Some of enemy guards, including all Allied patrol squads, will be removed.
  • 2 veterancy crates will appear at each initial position, and a heal crate is located near each of the two cages.


  • 1 veterancy crate will appear at each initial position.


  • The sight of Engineer's position and the crack at the back of the Rocket Launch Bay won't be revealed.
  • A barrel is removed. Thus, one of the shortcuts available in other difficulties is non-existent.

Easter egg


Destroy the old Soviet Construction Yard to receive a speed crate. In the current version, this is impossible as the AI will repair the Construction Yard if under attack, and the only combat unit that can be mind controlled is the GI.