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Technicians are non-trainable infantry that can usually emerge when a building is sold or destroyed, or a M.A.D.M.A.N. detonates. They are of little to no use in combat.


In addition to the basic infantry of their parent faction, Technicians might appear as survivors when a building is destroyed or sold. After the detonation of a M.A.D.M.A.N., its operator, a Technician, can escape unharmed from the vehicle.

Technicians are mostly useless and highly vulnerable on the battlefield. They are armed with pistols for personal defence and are able to deal some mild damage to basic infantry, but anything with armour can usually safely shrug off a Technician's attacks. Unlike almost all other human infantry, Technicians are unable to activate an Opus Tank's secondary barrel, although Epsilon proselytes can make use of them by letting them power Bio Reactors.

A Technician can enter an IFV-type transport or Stinger and turn it into a repair vehicle. This does not apply to M.A.D.M.A.N. Technicians however (in which case the IFV or Stinger retains its default weapon).


Part of Technicians in campaign missions use K.I. Scientist's sprite.

Act One

  • In Wrong Side, a Technician is included in later reinforcements, he can enter the Archon AMC to form a vehicle repair weapon, just like Engineer does.
  • In The Gardener, an Allied Technician is smuggled into the Chinese-occupied Myoshinji Temple via a Kamaz truck, and is tasked with operating a special Tsurugi that requires a passenger to function. In this particular mission, putting the Technician inside the Tsurugi will activate its machine gun mode.

Special Ops

  • In Eclipse, shortly after the player establishes a base, a Technician will arrive among the reinforcements. The player will be given an optional objective about him (see here for details).
  • In Brothers in Arms, an Apocalypse Prototype appears near the starting area as an Easter egg. It can be captured with a Technician who can be found at one of four random positions (see here for details).


  • In Technologic, a Technician is among the reinforcement that will be given later. He can enter the Stryker IFV to form a repair vehicle.
  • In Mad Monster, there are several detained Technicians at the Allied base. When they are freed, the players can use them to capture the abandoned vehicles nearby.


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