This page is intended as a detailed list of all the tech structures in Yuri's Revenge and document its changes in mechanics and features in Mental Omega.

Note: This is updated as of version 3.3.4 and is subjected to change from upcoming patches.


  • Specific EVA announcements for each tech structure are changed to simply "Tech building captured"
  • Added text when capturing or losing a tech structure
  • Tech buildings (except the new Tech Base Expansion Post) no longer provide ground control; buildings and defenses cannot be constructed near them
  • Tech buildings no longer leave rubble when destroyed; now it is possible to place a player's buildings and defenses where a tech building once stood
  • Added selection sounds
  • Removed snow-themed tech structures
  • Removed wrench flag

Tech Oil Derrick

  • Becomes invulnerable when enabling the "Immune Oil Derricks" option or playing Oil Control game mode
  • Miscellaneous: Now has a superior version called Tech Deposit Bank
  • Added visual effect of credits received after first capture or during operation
  • Increased hit points (1000 to 1300)
  • Changed armor type (steel to concrete)
  • Decreased bonus credits earned when first capturing it (1000 to 500)
  • Decreased death explosion raw damage (600 to 300)
  • Death explosion warhead modified vs. armor types:
    • 10% less effective vs. medium
    • 60% less effective vs. War Factories, radar and tier 3 access structures
    • 65% less effective vs. Construction Yards, Ore Refineries, superweapons
    • 75% less effective vs. defenses and Naval Shipyards

Tech Hospital

  • Has a new variant called Tech Field Hospital for non-urban environments
  • Increased hit points (800 to 1000)
  • Decreased self-healing rate (50 to 100 frames)

Tech Outpost

  • Replaced by new Tech Base Expansion Post
    • This new tech structure repairs vehicles around a radius for free and provides ground control (base structures and defenses can be placed here)
  • Role as capturable neutral defense is now taken over by new tech defenses (e.g. Tech HMG Tower, Tech SAM Site)

Tech Airport

  • Renamed to Tech Airfield
  • Jets can now be constructed and reloaded in this structure (up to 4 jets); appearance is changed to reflect this
  • Increased hit points (800 to 1000)
  • Paradrop support power now has a cost (1200)
    • Modified cameo
    • Paradrop also provides anti-tank infantry of a faction
    • Paratroopers descend faster
    • Reinforcement numbers changed:
      • Allied: 6 GIs -> 6 GIs and 2 Guardian GIs
      • Soviet: 9 Conscripts -> 8 Conscripts and 4 Flak Troopers
      • Epsilon: 6 Initiates -> 6 Initiates and 2 Archers (new unit)

Tech Civilian Power Plant

  • Renamed to Tech Power Plant
  • New appearance
  • Increased hit points (800 to 1000)
  • Increased power supply (200 to 250)
  • Miscellaneous: Now has a superior version named Tech Nuclear Plant

Tech Machine Shop

  • Increased hit points (800 to 1000)
  • Increased auto-repair hit points gained (5 to 10)
  • Decreased auto-repair rate (75 to 100 frames)

Tech Secret Lab

  • Increased hit points (1000 to 1100)
  • Changed armor type (steel to concrete)
  • Provides access to a random Tier 3 "monster tank" (e.g. Mastermind) instead of a country-specific unit/building (including Yuri Clone from Yuri faction)
    • Yuri's Revenge list:
      • Grand Cannon - France
      • Tank Destroyer - Germany
      • Sniper - Great Britain
      • Tesla Tank - Russia
      • Desolator - Iraq
      • Demolition Truck - Libya
      • Terrorist - Cuba
      • Yuri Clone - Yuri
    • Mental Omega list:
      • Abrams Tank (new) - United States
      • Charon Tank (new) - European Alliance
      • Battle Tortoise - Pacific Front
      • Tesla Cruiser - Russia
      • Catastrophe Tank (new) - Latin Confederation
      • Nuwa Cannon (new) - China
      • Mastermind - PsiCorps
      • Tyrant (new) - Scorpion Cell
      • Colossus (new) - Epsilon Headquarters
      • Megalodon (new) - Haihead
      • Pteranodon (new) - Wings of Coronia
      • Mastodon (new) - Last Bastion
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